Sweepr (Malware Remover, Browser & System Cleaner)

Developer: Denk Alexandru

Current Version: 3.6.0

Last Updated: 8 months ago

Download Size: 5.1 MB - Download


Sweepr can help you when:

• Your browsers are slow, clunky, quit unexpectedly or you have navigation problems
• Popups are opening all the time with advertisement and scams, your navigation is hijacked or your browser toolbar is full of useless add-ons
• Clicking on web links redirects you to more ads or you keep getting notifications about virus warnings, codecs or new Flash and Java versions
• Your Mac starts to complain about disk space, hangs, runs slowly and applications are crashing all the time
• You receive targeted ads that know what interests you and what websites you are visiting
• Your browsers are full of sensitive information and navigation history that you want to dispose

Sweepr is designed to:

• Clean Malware: no more adware that opens popup windows with advertisement and scams, injected ads or browser extensions that track your activities and hijack your navigation
• Clean your Browsers: remove navigation history, cookies, searches, logged in sessions, downloads or other sensitive information and privacy threads. Dispose large and persistent cached internet files
• Clean Mail: dispose large attachment and mail caches
• Clean your Mac: save disk space by removing useless system caches, log files, update files and other unwanted data. Speedup your system and applications by erasing overly sized application logs and temporary files


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Release Notes:

Bug fixes and improvements specific to macOS Sierra


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.8.0
Review by Jammer007

Saved the Day! - I remember the days when there were basically no viruses for the Mac. Well, I’ve been remiss in living in that past for too long. Needless to say, I clicked on something or whatever that totally hijacked my Safari. I couldn’t get rid of the constant pop-ups no matter how fast I hit Command-W. So, I started planning a backup of my key documents, music and photos, in advance of a complete system wipe and install. Then, I found this app. I spent the $10 bucks and, I’m not kidding, less than 5 minutes later I had my old Safari back. All fixed. This app is exactly what I needed and, in my opinion, does more than it promises. Absolutely worth the cost.

Found helpful by 26 out of 26 people
Version 1.6.0
Review by mafelganda

Waste of money - Did not fix my problem and even suggested to get another app if their app does not fix my problem. Being the desperate person that I am, bought the suggested app which cost the same price but did not fix my problem at all. Downloaded a free adware/malware remover suggested in one of the apple forums and found the issue right away and fixed it. Did I say that was for free? I want my money back, if the developer can see this, please give me a refund.

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.6.0
Review by beanhth

Previous Problems Removed - I was thinking this app would be a waste of money, but it fixed all my problmes. Malware had embedded into my mac and I was able to clear it all at once. My computer has zero issues after clearing everything. I was going to take it to Apple, but this saved me a lot of money.

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people
Version 3.6.0
Review by Concerned Citizen : (

Works Great Now - Originally I had placed a review that this app didnt work due to some glitches and left a negative review. I was going to just accept the loss but I decided to read the other reviews. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled the app 2 times and to my surprise it now works great. In addition, I appreciate the developer sending me an email directly to try to help me and also left a message here with an email to contact them for help. I liked the fact that they didn’t become defensive and were truly trying to help me. The app is now fixed, the information I wanted deleted is gone. Review changed to 5 Star rating not only on the app but the willingess to help and being nice and professional too. Thank you, Daniel

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people