Sumo Motion Pro

Developer: Pure Marketing Innovations LTD

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 31.5 MB - Download


The traditional Japanese sport of Sumo, re-imagined as a frenetic physics simulation.

Sumo is a game of skill, action and survival. Using just your webcam and our unique, motion-tracking software, you can guide your Sumo around the arena, attacking, evading and outsmarting your opponents. Control is everything; lose it and your Sumo will go flying off the edge of the arena and descend into oblivion.


As a new Sumo you start out in Sumo School learning the basic skills that will guide you along the path you have chosen to follow. Once you have mastered the technique of combat atop the Sumo Tower you can then move on to the challenges where you will meet many varied and nefarious opponents, including:

* The Ninja: Small and fast. Not very strong, but in large numbers they are tough to beat.

* The Sumo: Your equal in strength and speed. You will need superior skill to beat him.

* The Clown: Light and airy, but don't let that fool you.

* The Daddy: Extremely strong and incredibly heavy. To beat The Daddy you will need to use his own strength and power against him.

* The SumoBot: The ultimate opponent. You can't match his strength, speed, weight or cunning. Simply put, you can't beat him. Or can you?


Within Sumo there are three modes of play:

Sumo School: 30 different tutorials to introduce you to the world of Sumo and teach you how to play.

Challenges: 30 different combat scenarios that will harden your combat skills.

Pick a Fight: Having mastered the school and bested the opponents in each challenge, you now get to fight on your own terms. Choose the number and type of opponents and do what a Sumo does best, FIGHT!


NOTE: Sumo Motion Pro requires a webcam to play. The game uses image analysis to track the player's movement and gestures in real time in order to control the Sumo ball onscreen.