Sudoku Solver

Developer: Ting Wang

Current Version: 2013.1.13

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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SudokuSolver will help you solve that "difficult" sudoku puzzle. It provides an easy initial position setup. You can then step through the solution one cell at a time or you can let the application step through it for you. You can also use it understand how to solve sudoku puzzles.


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Version 2013.1.13
Review by tool man one

Perhaps worth $1.00 - The app instantly solved a puzzle I had been working on for weeks, but that is all it did. It did not let me step through to the sloution nor allow it to be configured for it to step through. It also would not print the solved puzzle. One can learn with it by printing a screen shot of the puzzle and then step through the solution and checking the solution as you go. That process is like school algebra books with the solutions in the “back of the book” that you can look at. There is no other learning aspects to this program.

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