Subtitle Translation Wizard

Developer: kevin zhang

Current Version: 2.6

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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Subtitle Translation Wizard is a very simple subtitle translation tool. A lot of languages translation are supported by the tool. You can translate subtitle with SubRip file(*.srt) format, MicroDVD File(*.sub) format, Sami file(*.smi) format and SubViewer file(*.SUB) format within some clicks. First of all, you can just load your original subtitle, then select your original language, then select translated language, then just click translate button, then it's all done.

After translation, you can still manually edit the translated subtitle line by line and then save your translated subtitle.

At the same time, You can manually adjust timeline of your subtitle with the tool.

By using the tool, you can even save mix original and translated subtitle, so you can see both original and translated subtitle at the same time when you see your movie.

Anyway it is a versy simple subtitle translation tool.


Release Notes:

fix bug of "can not translate subtitle"


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.5
Review by Jane Laurie

Wish I had found this app first ... - This is the first review I've written for the App Store. A product rarely exceeds my expectation so absolutely to motivate me to do so. To help me learn French, I've been adding French subtitles to English-speaking movies and tv shows. However, they aren't always available in French. I experimented with several text translation apps and subtitling apps, both here and on the web, to translate a plain text file and convert it back to an .srt file in the right format to no avail. Once I finally searched the App Store for Subtitling Translation, I was indeed surprised to find one app (but, not surprisingly, only one) that claimed to do what I had hoped. I'm always somewhat uneasy about spending more than $5 on an app without the ability to try it first. But I've had other instances where Apple refunded my purchase when an app didn't work so I took a chance. I've only used it once, but it worked so well that I decided to write this review once the movie (the classic "And Then There Were None") was over. All I had to do was load the original .srt file, choose the to/from languages, and hit the translate button. It was done in only a few seconds -- faster than all the tranlation apps I tried. I hope this review isn't premature but I'll come back to edit this post or post another if I run into any egregious problems. Excited to watch all the movies I couldn't find French subs for. =D

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people
Version 2.0
Review by JMRBR

Just a Trial - At the App Store they have just a trial, and to buy you need to go to their web site. The detailed description doesn’t say you need to buy a full app, and the app is just a trial.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.6
Review by kealili

Almost awesome but needs some work - This app does a great job creating a subtitle file once your translation is done, but only if you already have a subtitle file in the original language. l It will not help you to create your original file from a transcription. Its use is simple and straight forward. It will save you time adjusting the time codes, because it appears next to the original timecoded file. The translation part will need your input for the correct interpretation, punctuation, etc. as with any automatic translation tool. However, editing the translation is a little bit burdensome, because you need to do it line by line, therefore, if you wanted to save time translating or time coding, you will spend it editing. The “substitutions (find/replace), “transformations”, (upper to lower) and the Spell Check features only work line by line, which becomes laborious and tedious. It would be great if those features were available for a whole paragraph or for the whole translation as “select all” . Every line gets capitalized and you will need to go line by line if you wish to change it to lower case. It also translates every quoted word as a /“ character, and you will need to delete it manually line by line. Once you work on those details, you will be able to save your file and upload it or add it to your video subtitler software. the full version is $28, which seems a lot of money, considering the bugs. I figured a way to save some work, by editing the translation in jubler.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people