Suan Pan

Developer: Peter Olafson

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 9.1 MB - Download


A classic 13 row Chinese Suan Pan. There is no digital readout. I wanted to keep it pure(on a Mac).

Click on the blue button to switch between 1 or 2 rows of Heaven beads.

Click on the red button to switch between 4 or 5 rows of Earth beads.

Click reset to reset all beads to their initial position.

Simulates Multi-Touch. Hold the shift key to lower one heaven bead when clicking on an earth bead.

Hold the Command Key to lower two heaven beads when clicking on an earth bead.

This is a utility intended for those who know how to operate a Suan Pan and not an instructional device. Instructions on math functions are not included but can be found on the WWW.


More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.0
Review by No Fears Here

Does Exactly What Its Supposed To Do. - I purchased this app so as to have a way to work the abacus on my computer. It does exactly what it says it would… I am very pleased with this application. It is allowing me to become proficient at using the abacus….

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Version 1.0
Review by Alanannanan

Harumph - Ehh pretty much sums up this application. There’s no animations, or gesture based motion, you click and the beads move. The application is misnamed when you launch it "Saun Pan" :(. I also wish the textures were a little nicer...

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