Developer: Ken Harris

Current Version: 1.5.2

Last Updated: 5 days ago

Download Size: 8.9 MB - Download


Process or analyze any tabular data you have, any way you want, and see the results right away. No need to load it into a database. Just put some operations together, and see the result right away.

• Pull data from files, folder listings, URLs, the clipboard, Git repositories, Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, and more
• Parse files as CSV, TSV, XLSX, JSON, web logs, SQLite, and others
• View as a table, a line or bar chart, text (plain or HTML), or a map
• Use real data types: strings, numbers, booleans, dates, locations, colors, blobs, nulls
• Updates in real time, as you edit the pipeline steps
• Keyboard-friendly
• Actual online user manual (really!)


Release Notes:

Operation updates:
• New operations "Decode Text->Bytes" and "Encode Bytes->Text", for binary-in-text encoding. Currently only Base64 is supported. (Not to be confused with "Decode Bytes->Text" and "Encode Text->Bytes", which are for character encodings.)
• "Parse Location" now handles GeoJSON and Geohash formats, too. The "Parse GeoJSON" operation was removed, since it no longer served a purpose.
• "Parse Excel Workbook" is a bit smarter (and faster), so you won't see empty rows at the end of your document.

Other updates:
• On double-click in an empty area of the pipeline, add a new operation there, and start editing it.
• Show a proper error message, when trying to load a Strukt pipeline file from a newer version than we support.
• There's a new sample pipeline, "Data Type Sampler", which shows an example of each Strukt data type.
• In the table view, the "unset" stripes have a nicer transparency effect, when selected.
• Creating a new non-empty document (like by drag-n-drop onto the Dock icon, or with "New Pipeline with File...")" now marks the document as "modified", so you'll get a chance to save it, when you close it.
• When dragging some text to the Dock icon, Strukt is now more discriminating about what qualifies as a URL (must be a URL scheme that Strukt can handle).