Developer: shinywhitebox ltd

Current Version: 1.28.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Stomp takes in big videos and spits out small ones, and does it so easily, even Grandma can do it. Included are presets for popular devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Video, Apple TV and YouTube) make converting videos a snap.

Stomp started its life as an idea to be the ultimate video recompressor, and ended up something so much more powerful than that. YouTube, Google Video, iMovie… The list goes on and on. Video is a huge part of your online life. Ever tried to email a movie clip to Grandma? What, it’s 400mb for a short clip of your cat playing the piano? Well, that’s no fun at all (the file size, not the cat). Enter Stomp, where size does matter.

Need to crop a video to a smaller size? No problem. Want to convert the video but leave the audio untouched? Done! Looking to process 40 files overnight? Sorted.

Stomp also enables you to apply an arbitrary chain of Core Image filters to video. You can adjust brightness, fix up gamma issues or go so far as to apply a more complex vignette style softening effect. The possibilities here are limited only by your imagination.


Release Notes:

- Fixed various issues that could cause crashes in the app.
- Fixed a problem with compression where when speeding up the video and using a specialist compressor (such as Apple TV), the compression would fail.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.28.0
Review by 334455667788tt

I am Stomped! - Software installs, but will not open, even though my OSX version is new enough. I get a jumping icon on my dock, and nothing more. No joy from the developer either.

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Version 1.28.0
Review by deebee412

Don’t waste 40.00 on this junk - It worked once and then I spent 4 hours on my next project…tried different compressions..formats etc…nothing worked…all you get are prompts to some support dialogue asking what went wrong…IT DOESN’T WORK!!!! 10x's

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Version 1.28.0
Review by FisherMusicInc

Working great for me! - I need to drastically compress video for sending by email (average length 20 seconds) to show producers for approval. This app is the best I’ve found yet. I use the “High Compression” setting and have had no issues. - Just used the setting for a 500MB HD .mov file and compressed it down to 10.7MB. Picture is good, but the audio, most important for me as I’m showing score material, is great!

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