Stock + Pro

Developer: Chimp Studios LLC

Current Version: 3.8.3

Last Updated: 17 days ago

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Stock + Pro is the most popular investment app for OS X. Designed to be easy to pick up for beginners while packing advanced tools for seasoned veterans, Stock + Pro helps you know exactly what is going on with your portfolio.

The clear and concise welcome tutorial will help familiarize you with the powerful features that Stock + Pro offers.

• Get realtime stock quotes for US equities
• Track international stocks from exchanges all around the world in their native currency
• Follow mutual funds and ETFs
• Keep up to date on Commodities
• Know the current exchange rates for Forex markets

• Enter # of shares owned
• Enter Total Cost of Shares
• View approximate Gain/Loss of Portfolio
• View Change of Portfolio Value Today
• View your allocation percentages with an interactive pie chart

• Never miss a change with a desktop or menubar ticker
• Create your own ticker themes or use one of the prebuilt themes
• Adjust the speed and scrolling style of the ticker to meet your needs
• Scroll to what you are interested in with easy to use manual controls
• Pause the ticker to keep a handful of stocks in sight at all times

• Mouse over graphs to see historic data for a specific day or time
• Switch from a line graph to a bar or candlestick chart
• Draw Custom Trend Lines
• Add technical overlays including:
- Simple Moving Averages
- Exponential Moving Averages
- Bollinger Bands
- Parabolic SAR
- Volume
• Coverage from 1 day to 5+ years.
• Create comparison graphs with ease, up to 5 symbols at once
• Expand the retina ready graphs to fill your entire screen.

• Easily visualize an entire watchlist.
• Sort heat maps by any metric shown in watchlist.
• View 1 Day Performance, Relative Volume, P/E, PEG, or Dividend Yield

• Retina ready
• Fullscreen enabled
• Designed exclusively for OS X

• Add RSS feeds to get the news that you care about.
• Reader style clean articles.
    - Automatically strips out all ads, sidebar distractions, and lets you focus on the news content that matters to you.
• Quickly switch back to original news article.
• See what other investors are saying with the integrated StockTwits©

• Set customizable watch points on individual stocks.
• Monitor key metrics or overall stock price movement.
• Email, Notification, and/or sound alerts when watch point is triggered.

• See current prices in a compact Today widget. (requires 10.10 Yosemite)

• Easy to understand welcome tutorial.
• Frequently Asked Questions just one click away.
• Responsive Developer that can be easily contacted.

•• Send us your suggestions for future updates! We are constantly updating this app and will be for a long long time!

•• If you have questions or problems concerning Stock + Pro please contact us by visiting

Stock + Pro is a research tool. It cannot trade securities on your behalf. It is however a fantastic tool to keep an eye on the market.


Release Notes:

Updated default RSS news feed.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.4
Review by pbGuy

Keeps improving - A very good App - I have now been using Stocks+ Pro since mid-December 2013, and I am very pleased with the progress of improvement (attention to detail) put forward by the developer. Based upon the progress of improvement, I rate this app (v2.4) now at 5 Stars. Back in December, I would have been inclined to rate the app with 3 Stars (more precisely, 3.5 Stars if allowed). Since my initial install, I have had numerous email exchanges with the developer wherein I offered specific recommendations. Updates 2.3 and now, 2.4 incorporated several of my recommends, along with others the developer already had on his To-do list. My experience with the developer has been that he’s very open & responsive to input, and where it made sense to him, he incorporated the change(s) in the next (or, would be in a future planned) update. As result, I now find Stocks+ Pro, as a stock research tool, to be an excellent value related to the price and features (particularly, the flexible views one can setup). I highly recommend this app as I anticipate the developer to continue improving Stock+ Pro. Note: Apple’s current rating system is limiting in reflecting how I’d like to rate. If I was rating based upon a 1 through 10 (10 the highest), I would rate this app currently at 8 as I anticipate forthcoming updates to eventually achieve at true 10 rating.

Found helpful by 14 out of 14 people
Version 2.6.3
Review by LoveJacksonHole

Stop asking for reviews, this app is below expectations - For a paid program with an above average sticker price this is below average in my opinion. Also, the quotes displayed on stock pro sometimes are different (lagging) from what is displayed by my online brokerage accounts. More latitude on background colors would be nice. I’d prefer a darker background that is easier on the eyes. So would the ability to overlay charts for comparison. I see the claim for the ability to compare 5 stocks at once but couldn’t tell you how to do it…even a search in help brings no matches when the word comparison is entered. Or perhaps an option for purchase pricing gain/loss. Lastly, PLEASE stop asking me to review your app. Adding a review box that wouldn't go away without an answer is obnoxious. What’s even more obnoxious is when I answered the box that wouldn’t go away I auto-linked to a contact Chimp Studios webpage that lacked a submit or send button! There was no way to send in my comments to Chimp Studios after their pushy insistence on my feedback. That’s sloppy and very telling. Wanna be pushy and obnoxious for a review with a below average product? Here it is. I am sorry I purchaesd Chimp Studios Stock + Pro.

Found helpful by 18 out of 20 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.8.3
Review by LucidNomad

Stick with the Free Version - With a 15 minute delay on the incoming data, this software is basically useless to anyone who plans on making live-action trading in a day. You’d have better luck knowing what’s happening with your stock interest by looking at Robinhood or FinViz. Sure, when you upgrade you will also get access to the more indepth charts like MACD and moving averages but it isn’t worth your 30 dollars to spend it on charts that you needed 15 minutes ago and a ticker that you can now turn black. Obviously, I’ll still be using the software because I don’t see any way of getting my money back (which I would love to do) but I only plan on using it fo rthe purpose of looking at previous patterns and that’s all. In conclusion: If you’re a day trader or want a more professional chart set-up, you’ll be better off looking into other softwares and saving your money. If you jsut want a dark ticker and fancy looking charts to impress your friends, go on and buy it if you think it’s worth $30 to you

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 3.8.3
Review by Dashpain

Crashes and Missing Prices - I bought this b/c it allows me to follow foreign stocks. However the thing crashes on its own several times per day. And, all of a sudden about a month ago, it stopes showing prices for certain symbols - notabky the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq indices! I sent emails to customer support. Crickets. It’s great that I can track stocks traded in Stockholm, but it’s a fundamental requirement to show how the major US indices are trading.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 3.8.3
Review by NMWoody

lousy customer service - App doesn’t work and the company won’t answer my emails askiing for help. enough said.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 3.8.3
Review by Darkomaster

Useful - Finally, I have decided to make use of this stock application. Beatiful and meet my humble needs.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 3.8.3
Review by DaSuss

Great concept, poor performance/support. Not worth price. - Have been using Stock + Pro for about 4 months. While I was optimistic/hopeful at first, I’ve since become quite disappointed with both the product and the (lack of) support. There are many features that routinely fail to function properly, several features that should be included and easily could be, but are not, and the application regularly bogs down and must be force quit and restarted. I’ve reached out to support several times with requests for assistance, and have yet to ever even once been acknowledged. There should surely also be a an iOS companion app for this, but there is none. I’ve now opted to, instead, use the free web and iOS versions of It’s far more powerful than Stock + Pro, is more up to date, has the mobile version, and as said is FREE. I’m now sorry that I wasted my money on this.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people