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Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Star Languages Deluxe will help you learn your chosen language in a more fun, casual and entertaining way. It comes with standard word lists as well the option to create your own lists and share with the community.

The languages included are Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Some of the features for each language are locked and can be unlocked by purchasing that particular language. The rest however are completely free as well as the ability to create and share your own lists. To create your own lists or to download those shared by the community you just need to register. Only the lists that can be used with the current feature will be shown in the menu. To view all your lists you can select the flashcards feature.

To use the application select your chosen language, followed by the feature you wish to use. You will then be presented by a menu panel, where you need to select which lists you wish to use before pressing the 'Start' button.

Not all features are available for all the languages. These features include:

Choose the image: choose the corresponding image to the word that is shown.

Choose the word: choose the correct word for the image shown.

True or false: select whether the shown translation is true or false and answer as many as you can in 60 seconds.

Spelling test: spell the given word's translation correctly without getting a letter wrong.

Hangman: guess the letters contained in the hidden word by choosing one letter at a time, with only a limited amout of guesses.

Crossword: solve the crossword by using the English translations as hints.

Anagram: rearrange the letters to guess the jumbled word.

Memory match: flip two boxes at a time to find the English words and their corresponding translations, until all pairs have been found.

Memory recall: Remember as many of the 8 words shown as you can in 15 seconds and then select their English translations.

Word search: find all the hidden words in the grid using the English translations as hints.

Flash cards: Speed learn the vocabulary of your chosen language by going through each word one at a time either translation first or English first.

***Please note that when pasting text into a textbox whilst adding your own list, the text will be pasted twice so you will need to delete the duplicated part. This is an issue with the engine used to make the application and when the developers of the engine fix this an update correcting this will be released. For now it is just a minor inconvenience.


Release Notes:

Fixed text to speech


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1
Review by MostMolly

bad if you are a beginner, irritating - Like and hate it. Too slow. Doesn’t have a beginner level. Sound should be always on or off. If you get something wrong, it doesn’t show you the correct answer, it just moves on leaving you frustrated. I had a hard time getting out of it. I am removing it as soon as I can, but it had potential, just poor set up.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people