Developer: Axel Péju

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 12 months ago

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NOTICE: Squirrel was acquired by MoneyWiz in February 2017. As such, Squirrel will soon be removed from the AppStore. We advise all Squirrel users to migrate their data to MoneyWiz. A cloud based migration has been added in the latest version of Squirrel to assure seamless migration process.


Squirrel makes it easy to manage your finances. It provides you with powerful tools to analyze, control and keep track of your spendings. Meet Squirrel, your new personal finance assistant!

Intuitive transactions management
Add and edit transactions, create transfers, schedules and more in a polish and easy to use interface. Squirrel can automatically categorize and assign tags to newly added transactions based on your history. Organize your transactions and group them into folders, or automatically filter them with smart folders according to their account, description, amount, date… Keep your list uncluttered by hiding unused accounts, reconciled or past transactions.

Powerful reporting
Analyze your expenses with dynamic and flexible reports. See the breakdown of your spendings by category. Select any of them directly from the chart to see more details with the corresponding tags, and check the evolution through time. Select one of the provided templates and print your reports or export them to PDF files.

Real multiple currency support
In Squirrel, exchange rates are automatically and dynamically calculated on a per transaction basis. When you create a transfer between your accounts, the latest exchange rate is automatically fetched from the Internet, and is used to calculate the value of the following expenses made in foreign currencies.

Schedules & forecasts
You can easily convert any transaction into a repeating event. Squirrel notifies you when one of your schedules is ready to be paid. Schedules can have dynamically calculated amounts, so they can represent credit card reimbursement or saving accounts interests. Enable forecasting to include previews of upcoming transactions in the ledger. The amount of scheduled transactions is automatically updated as other transactions change, and the history graph shows the resulting balance.

Keep your spendings under control
Set limits on your expenses. Know how much you can spend on dining out or theatre. Track your savings goals. Budgets allow you to follow the progress of any spendings or income.

Powerful and flexible importer
Squirrel's importer supports the standard OFX, QIF and CSV files, and can handle any number or date format. Retrieving transactions has never been this easy with automatic duplicate detection, and smart import rules.

Account reconciliation
Reconcile your accounts with your paper bank statement in a dedicated interface. You can drag and drop transactions to match the order of your bank statement. As you mark transactions as reconciled, Squirrel automatically update the post-statement balance.


Release Notes:

Squirrel was acquired by MoneyWiz in February 2017. As such, Squirrel will soon be removed from the AppStore. We advise all Squirrel users to migrate their data to MoneyWiz.

This update will allow you to seamlessly migrate your data from Squirrel into MoneyWiz via MoneyWiz's cloud sync service called SYNCbits.

For any questions, please e-mail the MoneyWiz support at [email protected]


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 0.8.6
Review by Shawn McCullough

Great Way to Manage Your Money - I've been using Squirrel since 2009 to manage my finances. It is a solid, straightforward, and clean app. The developer is responsive and open to feedback to improve the app. The iPhone app is great and the best way to enter expenses on the go. I look forward to a future iPad app to complete the set. The reports and budget featrues are great and highly customizable.

Found helpful by 14 out of 15 people
Version 0.8.5
Review by Brian Place

Do not buy! - Crashes all the time, it wont even open.

Found helpful by 9 out of 25 people