Developer: Bogdan Daniel Vladu

Current Version: 1.8.224

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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SpriteHelper is a texture editor, with advance resampling algorithms and multiple image formats, its a physics editor that have support for concave and convex shapes, auto tracing, multiple shapes per sprite and advance collision detection like the ability to figure out via code if you have collided with the head or the torso of a character. Finally its an animations editor that gives features such as time per frame, user data per frame and via code, notifications like "animation has ended", "animation has completed all repetitions", "animation has reached frame".
SpriteHelper also comes bundled with an API that makes loading a sprite or an animation together with its physical representation a one line of code job.

Support for engines:

Free version does not allow saving animations and physical shapes.

More info and video presentations on


Release Notes:

Added: new layout algorithms
Added: a new field in cocos2d plist generation

Fixed: an issue where the icons of the sprites were created with wrong size
Fixed: icon for sprites not being created when having special characters in the path of the image file
Fixed: issue where if you had multiple sheets the app will jump to last sheet when importing a sprite
Fixed: issue where if you had multiple sheets the app will display the view with the first sheet max size options
Fixed: an issue where certain images would open with smaller icon then the original
Fixed: opening a document from finder with SH opened will ask to save even if nothing was changed


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.7.5
Review by Orion7019

Zippo, nadda, in the trash - Started program, got a warning and how to work around a bug in the hints dialog. I tried to imported a BMP image, and it just showed a white box instead of my image. Then tried to imported a PNG file that was 240x1708. Program crashed. Retried the PNG, crashed again. Program is now in the trash. Can't say I would recommend this program.

Found helpful by 9 out of 10 people