SpiralBound Pro

Developer: Rivulus Software

Current Version: 2.1.1

Last Updated: 7 months ago

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SpiralBound Pro is a note utility modeled after a spiral-bound notepad with organizing, security, and calculator features.

--Features over and above the original SpiralBound include--
•Multiple Notepads- start as many notepads as you like
•Notepad Sorter- this alternate view allows you to read and edit your notes in a single window, search by filtering results, or reorganize by drag-and-drop
•To Do Lists- these pages let you check off items as they are completed
•Email Capability- email the contents of any page as plain text or as an attachment
•More Style- more colors and more interface options to make it just your own

Useful: Flip pages, tear them out, and return them to the notepad. Reorder as desired. A seamlessly integrated calculator will solve a mathematical expression typed into any page. Drag pictures or sound clips into any page. Make any word a hyperlink.

There When You Want It: Set any window to float above all open applications, or view every page at once.
And Not When You Don’t: Compact (shade) any window, hide any notepad entirely, or view exclusively from the Notepad Sorter.

Password Secure: Any page can be rendered unreadable when the program is in the background, has been inactive for a period of time, or whenever the “lock” is clicked. You may choose to require a password to unlock pages, or not.

Searchable: Pages are searchable by title or content, and an unobtrusive pull-down menu on the notepad allows for quick navigation.

Easy-to-Use: This program aims to be as intuitive as possible. Also, SpiralBound Pro can import your Stickies or SpiralBound data automatically.


Release Notes:

Fixed a bug in the integrated calculator, plus a bug that caused window positions to be lost between launches on Snow Leopard, and a bug that caused windows to occasionally become unresponsive on Lion.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.1.1
Review by Frudoc

Best Sticky Note Option, IMO - I was about to give up for good when I finally found this app. I Have been looking everywhere for a rather simple sticky note app that allowed me to use check boxes, among other things. It's amazing how difficult this is. To find one that does what you need, looks decent doing it, and is somewhat stable. I think I am set for awhile with SpiralBound. I won't go on and on, but I want to point out a couple of things. 1) I found this app on the devs website and noticed that it had not been updated since January 2011. I wrote to him to ask him the status because $10 is a lot to spend on an app that may already be broken with Lion and may not be fixed. He was great. He responded within 12 hours, he apologized that he had not been keeping up his website, he told me that the most recent version was available in the App Store (September 2011), and he assured me that he is still working on the app and I could be confident in my purchase. I immediately dropped the $9.99 and installed it. 2) One thing the picture here do not show is that you can change the look of the notebook so that the spiral binding is not showing. This is probably huge for some people - particularly some of us Mac people - who may dwell on individual design issues like that. Some people will like the binding, while others will hate it. I would like to see the dev put up a picture of the notebooks without the binding. It may sound silly, but I think it would earn more sales. FWIW, the non-bound notebooks look great! Anyways, I love the idea behind these notebooks and am having fun integrating them. They offer some advanced and fairly unique features without going overboard and bloated. You might consider finding the devs website and downloading the demo of the app. Even then, given that the App Store version is the most current, I would not put too much weight on the early website version, but it might give you an idea. If it was 4.99 instead of 9.99 I wouldn't even bring it up. I'd say, if you are looking for this kind of app - a good sticky note app with some cool organizational/notebook functionality among other things - and you can afford it, go for it.

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.1.1
Review by honkster808

Very nice - I really like this program and have basically stopped using stickies alltogether. This program is like stickies, but extend so that now each sticky belongs to and can be stack in a notebook (hence spiralBound). You can have several notebooks as well. I have one for programming projects, real world errands to do and one where I keep passwords. Re: passwords, this program has a nice security feature which obscures text on a given sticky if you want it too. Another nice feature is build in checklists. There are some other features which I haven't really explored as well. Overall this program seems like an intelligent upgrade from the standard stickies program. Aloha

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 2.1.1
Review by Nanatchka

INDISPENSABLE/marvelously responsive - If I had to keep only one piece of software and change everything else on my computer--including my word processor-- it would be this. Phil Rivulus is a modest genius of a developer, and this program---which will replace Stickies for those devoted to it on pc--is flexible, easy to use, and can be customized practically endlessly. There are security layers, notebook styles, and all kinds of bells and whistles I don't need--like calculator functions--but you might like. I use this program to organize several projects, including my blog--I have pages for styles, boilerplate, etc. Right now I have 12 (custom tinted) notebooks from things like finance, memoir/journal, to do lists, contacts, and several ongoing current projects. I also use it as TO Do list, a simple notepad, I used to use Remember The Milk extensively because of the cloud storage--and still keep some items on there I like to access when I travel--but I use it less because I now back up Spiralbound to a small flash drive (per the developer's personal suggestion to me some time ago) and not only transfer to my laptop, but also carry with me in my work bag. I can't begin to say how helpful this program is for a multi-tasker who likes to make lists and "see things on paper." This is the ideal substitute for paper--you might have notebook with pdfs for a project if you like--you can copy and paste in anything on your desktop. The uses are endless. I have a two monitor set up at home, and I keep Spiralbound open on one--with some notebooks locked. [I missed this so much at work I set up my ipad as a second screen (there's an app for that) and keep my notebooks on that.] This product is exceptionally well priced for what it offers. I've used it through many iterations and I commend the developer for his marvelous program. I can't recommend it more highly Hints: Just keeping a notebook open when on the phone is helpful. I still scrawl things on envelopes, but I try to remember to copy them to Spiralbound! (I am a producer/writer of a webseries, maintain a blog, and so forth.) But you could use this to organize a wedding, keep recipes, have a different notebook for each of your children and his or her to dos, or keep a list of the books you read, the words you learn; or travel notes with associated photos; or contact sheets for current projects. And so forth. Your use will vary, but I suspect your satisfaction will be similar. I'd love to see someone underwrite the developer taking this to the cloud--I can dream, can't I?--but I am more than satisfied just as Spiralbound Pro is right now. Thank you, Spiralbound.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 2.1.1
Review by Capt.Huffnpuff

An indispensable tool to organize you notes - I have found SpiralBound Pro to be an invaluable, feature rich, and flexible note pad tool. I've been using it since 2009 and I find it indispensable. It has many of the features of a text editor including editing, spell checking and formatting options but the information is stored together and easier to get to. In addition to keeping notes, I often use SpiralBound Pro to write on a subject then cut and paste as I need. (This review was composed in SpiralBound Pro). The easiest way to envisage how Spiralbound Pro works is to think of having several notepads, like steno pads, which you can use or put aside as you need. Each notepad has multiple pages of freeform text and to-do lists of varying lengths intermixed which you can add or delete as you will. To give you maximum flexibility and minimize clutter, you can hide or show any or all of the notepads so you need only work with the ones you want at the time. Also, pages can be temporarily detached/reattached to look at multiple pages at the same time. There is a notepad sorter that allows you to rearrange the order of the pages within a notepad and to move pages from one notepad to another. Currently, for example, I have 6 notepads, each of a different color - computer notes, financial notes, to-do, flotsam and jetsam, trips and scratch with several hundred pages in these 6 notepads. I can easily bring up the notepad I want, work with the pages I want, then hide it when I'm done. Using Lion multiple desktops I work with multiple notepads at the same time and switch back and forth to other desktops with other applications. Or I can use the notepads on another applications desktop. SpiralBound Pro has a robust list of menu bar options including "File" (new page, new to-do, new notepad, email page, import/export, print, etc.), "Edit" (copy/paste/find/spelling), "Format", "Notepad" manipulation, "Page" navigation, "Window" navigation, and a concise "Help". There are such features as "find", "calculator", "security (password)", "export/import", "email", "hyperlink", and a service option to to create pages in another application. All these are explained in the Help page. The service option allows other applications to create a SpiralBound page (for example: TextEdit->Services->Service Preferences->Make SpiralBound Pro Page). One of the nicest features is a calculator which allows you to do calculations right on the page without reentering your figures in a separate calculator. The equations are in the usual algebraic format, i.e., (5+14)*6/15=7.6, and there are numerous common functions. There are also a number of preferences that allow you to choose the default font, equation colors, to-do list formats, calculator behavior, security options, other default behavior, and store your data somewhere besides your Home->Library. The people at Rivulus respond quickly to answer your questions and help with problems.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 2.1.1
Review by Spunkyct

A well thought out app - This is a great little program. All your stickies can be imported into a single notebook and then arranged however you want to organize them. I really like the fact that you can have notes and/or checklists as your pages. It seems that most of the other apps do one or the other, but not both and the ones that do both are not easy to use. I've been searching for this feature in a simple app for quite awhile. It is really user-friendly and can be accessed quickly. The fact that you can tear out a single page is so handy for leaving notes for others or have it be an important "pay attention" reminder. There is a very nice selection of fonts, and colors for fonts can be customized. I'm hoping for more updates as this app is expensive. I would like the ability to make custom colors for the notepads as the colors that are available are quite limited and not that great. I would also like to see this app across the various mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, etc. with syncing. That would be fantastic ! It would get 5 stars if those 2 things happened. I think with a few little changes, I could enthusiastically recommend this app to everyone. As I have only had the app for 2 days, I'm sure I will find other things it will do. Nice going developers .... I eagerly await an update.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people