Spark - Love your email again

Developer: Readdle Inc.

Current Version: 1.3.0

Last Updated: 17 days ago

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**Beautiful and Intelligent Email App**
Email has taken too much time from people. Spark gives time back to all those who live by their inbox. Quickly see what’s important and clean up the rest.

"Best of 2016" - Apple
"The best email app on iOS just got a desktop version" - TheNextWeb
"It's a combination of polish, simplicity, and depth" - FastCompany
"You can create an email experience that works for you" - TechCrunch

**Farewell to Busy Inbox**
Smart Inbox intelligently bubbles what matters to the top

Smart Inbox lets you quickly see what's important in your inbox and clean up the rest. All new emails are smartly categorized into Personal, Notifications and Newsletters.

**Find Any Email In An Instant**
Powerful, natural language search makes it easy to find that email you're looking for. Just search the way you think and let Spark do the rest.

**Get Notified About Important Emails Only**
Smart Notifications filter out the noise, letting you know when an email is important, saving you from notification overload.

Tip: Teach Spark about that newsletter you just can't miss, and you'll get a notification every time it arrives. Spark learns as you email.

**Calendar Invites Can Be Beautiful**
Your calendar invites have their own, beautiful card with one-tap accept. See if you want to accept it right from your email.

**Sign Off With A Swipe**
Before you send an email, quickly swipe to choose the right signature for the occasion.

**Email with Emotion**
Quick Replies get the point across with just a tap. Love, like or acknowledge an email in an instant.

**Email Never Looked This Good**
That terrible "forward" and quote mess in your inbox is now replaced it with a beautiful, threaded message design.

**A Truly Personal Experience**
Customize Spark to work as you do. You decide which swipes do what, what cards are shown, and how many emails you want to see.

**Snooze That One For Later**
Snooze an email and get back to it when the time is right. Snoozing works across all your Apple devices.

**Connected To All Your Tools**
Integrate Spark into your workflow and take productivity to the next level. Supports Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive, and more.

Spark works with any email address. Love your email again!


Release Notes:

We're constantly working to make Spark better for you. This time Spark gets SUPER Search!
Fast, smart and easy to use - those are the main criteria of the perfect search for email. The new Spark for Mac has all of them.

- Super fast search experiences;
- Relevant and smart suggestions;
- Instant access to files and attachments;
- Searches using human language;
- Beautiful visual representations;
You get visual representation of your search queries with smart suggestions for faster and easier searches. When you search for a specific attachment, Spark highlights it for you and opens the exact email message (even within the thread) with that attachment.

Other notable improvements:
- Snoozed emails are now synced across all your devices;
- Reduced CPU consumption;
- Fixed an issue with screenshots pasted into composer from clipboard;
- Improved memory usage;
- Improved disk usage;
- Improved Quit dialog behaviour.

We are working on adding integrations with other Readdle and 3rd party apps. More updates are coming soon!


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.1
Review by The Builder....

I Think They’ve Got It…. - I tried Spark on iOS a while ago, and at that time, I didn’t really appreciate what they were trying to do. But then, Spark for Mac came along, and with the fact that it was FREE (yes, free) to download, they became a version of the Godfather (i.e. giving me an offer I couldn’t refuse, LOL)…. So, I tried it out, and thus far, with this first version of Spark for Mac, it has proven to be very stable and useful. I used Newton for a while on both Mac and iPhone, and it was very useful on the Mac because of its keyboard shortcuts (i.e. one key to reply, one key to archive, etc.). However, in Spark for Mac, you have the flexibility of changing your keyboard shortcuts to one key in many instances, which has proven to be very, very useful. Secondly (and this one puts Spark above all the rest): The biggest reason why I’m using Spark is because I’m not receiving notifications of every single email that comes my way!!! The makers of Spark have found some kind of way to only notify you of emails that come from REAL PEOPLE, which has proven to be a serious help during the day! So, when a REAL PERSON sends me an email, I get notified about it, while all the other emails just come forth into the app in the form of notifications or newsletters. That alone is making me seriously consider actually “staying” with Spark for the long haul. Kudos to the app makers of Spark for creating a very good, stable, and functional app!

Found helpful by 21 out of 22 people
Version 1.2.3
Review by PunyDeb

No Customer Support - I tried this software months ago and it worked on IOS but only for canned email programs—not business owned servers. Now it does, but only for the Mac. It works great now on my Mac, but not for IOS. I tried and tried to get it to work on my iPhone and IPad after I had it established—and spent HOURS AND HOURS moving folders from Mail to this app, since there is no import capability!!!!—but it will not recognize a private business server! Don’t waste your time. If you aren’t using something like Yahoo or Gmail, this won’t work across Mac to IOS for you. Just don’t bother. If you are a Gmail hound, so be it. If you have your own server for your business, don’t bother. Stick with Mac Mail. I sent them an email asking for support, and received a canned response that provided zero help. When I send Cloak or MacPaw a request for help, I get a personal response. Heck, even big old Apple provides better customer service than these guys do. Not worth the trouble. Don’t bother.

Found helpful by 16 out of 32 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.3.0
Review by SteveReina

better than most… but- - spark is definitely an improvement over the apple mail program and I always like the apple programs / apps better that the competition too… but not in this case. it seems that the Spark developers have torn aprt tne apple mail program and took the best limited features and designed their program adding so much more. My ony complaint is it takes too long to delete an email from my iMac. could this be because it is trying to delete the email across all my connected macs? I do not know but it is redicuoluly too long a wait that eventually I may have to take the leap to see ehat else is out there…. too bad but thats just how long deleting an email is taking tying up my iMac. Also, there is no easy way to save an email from Spark to your desktop.

Found helpful by 7 out of 8 people
Version 1.3.0
Review by almost6heads

Last update introduced MAJOR problems - I used to like this app. It was not perfect, but in my opinion better than most. This changed over the last few updates. Every update introduced a few more problems. The last one finally made the app pretty much unusable. It no longer synchronizes properly with the server! I can see messages in my mail folders in all other apps, so they clearly are on the server. But they are no longer visible or searchable in Spark. There does not seem to be any mechanism to force the app to rescan a folder. A number of e-mails to Readdle support have gone unanswered. In its current form, this app is not usable anymore. I went back to Apple Mail..

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 1.3.0
Review by Capripot2

Was working fine until last version - The version 1.3 is eating up 75% of my CPU constantly, I’m disapointed since I liked a lot of the features.. I have to switch again

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 1.3.0
Review by CJC0201

Nice Email App, But, … - Works well - fast - easy to set-up - and I have confidence in Readdle to steadily make improvements, having used several other apps of theirs on my iOS devices. However, they still need to enable the capability of saving email messages to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and all the rest of the cloud services available. I should be able to convert any email on Spark to a PDF (or .doc), and save it, as such, on iCloud Drive or Documents; currently, I either can’t do that, or don’t know how. I have a request into Readdle Support about this, but have a feeling the answer will be “no-can-do” … - yet … - in which case, I won’t be eliminating use of Apple Mail just yet …

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 1.3.0
Review by rphaug

Why is the CPU usage so high? - I love Spark on my iPhone, and I want to love the Mac app; it would be a great app, but why is the CPU usage so high? It seems like even when the window is closed and its running in the background, its constantly using 20% CPU (or more), even when idling. I’ve had to start using Mac Mail when I’m on battery, otherwise Spark will run my battery down. It’s always in my top 5 apps in Activity Monitor as far as CPU its using, whereas Mac Mail doesn’t even register in the top 30. If this could be fixed, this would be my primary Mail app, as it is on my iPhone and iPad. But as of now, I only really use it when my Mac is plugged into power. Please fix the CPU usage!

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people