SoundDesk Pro

Developer: Loudlab

Current Version: 2.2.0

Last Updated: 3 years ago

Download Size: 92.7 MB - Download


SoundDesk is the easiest way to turn your Mac into a professional mixing desk!

It can be used to just about anything that involves audio mixing or routing, and is available in two flavours:

SoundDesk Pro:

Maximum channels per desk: 24x2 ;
Maximum Auxiliary paths: 6x2 (pre/pos fader options);
Audio Units inserts available on all channels and Master section (fully compatible with "Waves Version 9");
The delay generated by the Audio Units is displayed on each channel;
The `Analogue Warmth' option, adds a vintage quality inspired by the finest consoles;
SoundDesk Pro can be controlled by any MIDI device that communicates CC messages or any device with Wi-Fi and TouchOSC (from installed;
Internal FX: 6-band EQ, Dynamic Range Processor (insert tool with several compressor/gate options) and a Reverb;
Internal post master fader, 2- or 3-Way Linear Phase Crossover;

SoundDesk LE:

Maximum channels per desk: 8x2 ;
Maximum Auxiliary paths: 4x2 (pre/pos fader options);
No Internal or Audio Units inserts;

Both versions:

Each channel is equipped with a DC blocker filter, noise generators and a delay unit;
Channels can be either mono, stereo or aux receivers and can be changed at any time;
All channels can send their audio to any real output;
The user can assign names and colours to individual channels;
The Master section includes a FFT analysis tool and the output can be recorded in real time;


Release Notes:

Version 2.2.0

Adds the ability to save desk presets.

Linear-Phase Crossover improvements.
Includes additional bug fixes and stability improvements.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.1.1
Review by Mrray

Not very good - I really want to like this app. If it was any good it could be like SAWStudio for a Mac. It is not. It doesn’t support low buffer settings, not even as low as any of the actual DAW’s I have. I have tried it with numerous interfaces, some of which, like RME, have the best drivers in the industry for low latency settings. Also, Midi Control and OSC control are poorly implemented, and do not work very will. Motu and RME definitely have this beat. I wish I had not spent the money on it, but hope the company can someday make this app useable, so I might get my money’s worth. Otherwise, I should ask for a refund, as it does not work as advertised for me on my i7 mac with an SSD and 8gb of Ram (should work fine). I get better results, latency wise from all of my DAW’s. Don’t waste your money until they make it significantly better.

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