SoundDesk LE

Developer: Loudlab

Current Version: 2.2.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 38.4 MB - Download


SoundDesk is the easiest way to turn your Mac into a professional mixing desk!

It can be used to just about anything that involves audio mixing or routing, and is available in two flavours:

SoundDesk Pro:

Maximum channels per desk: 24x2 ;
Maximum Auxiliary paths: 6x2 (pre/pos fader options);
Audio Units inserts available on all channels and Master section (fully compatible with "Waves Version 9");
The delay generated by the Audio Units is displayed on each channel;
The `Analogue Warmth' option, adds a vintage quality inspired by the finest consoles;
SoundDesk Pro can be controlled by any MIDI device that communicates CC messages or any device with Wi-Fi and TouchOSC (from installed;
Internal FX: 6-band EQ, Dynamic Range Processor (insert tool with several compressor/gate options) and a Reverb;
Internal post master fader, 2- or 3-Way Linear Phase Crossover;

SoundDesk LE:

Maximum channels per desk: 8x2 ;
Maximum Auxiliary paths: 4x2 (pre/pos fader options);
No Internal or Audio Units inserts;

Both versions:

Each channel is equipped with a DC blocker filter, noise generators and a delay unit;
Channels can be either mono, stereo or aux receivers and can be changed at any time;
All channels can send their audio to any real output;
The user can assign names and colours to individual channels;
The Master section includes a FFT analysis tool and the output can be recorded in real time;


Release Notes:

Version 2.2.0

Update to 64-bit binary.
Adds the ability to save desk presets.

Includes additional bug fixes and stability improvements.