Sort It Out

Developer: Holy Mackerel Software

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 6.1 MB - Download


Sort It Out is a utility to re-sort the order of a set of words or paragraphs. Type the text you want sorted into the top box. Click the OK button to sort the text into the specified order.

Sorting types include:
Ascending — sorts items by increasing alphabetical order. Uppercase and lowercase values appear together.
Case-Sensitive — sorts items by increasing ASCII order. All uppercase letters come before any lowercase letters, so A-Z comes before a-z. Symbols are also in ASCII order.
Descending — sorts items by descending alphabetical order. It is the opposite of ascending order. Uppercase and lowercase values appear together.
Numerical Value — sorts items by increasing numerical value order. It takes negatives and the decimal point into account. Spaces at the front of a number need to be removed, otherwise the result is zero. All text has a value of zero. 'INF' represents infinity.
Random Sort — sorts items by random order, so it is different each time you sort.
Reverse — sorts items in the opposite order than they currently appear.

The sorting takes into account accented and foreign characters.

If you want to sort by words (rather than paragraphs) you will need to check the Sort by Words checkbox.