Sonar Bookends Regular

Developer: Virginia Systems

Current Version: 2011.0.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Any document with more than 30 pages should have an index. Besides making it easier for the reader to find things in your document, an index will also make your document look more professional.

Sonar Bookends Regular can generate an index automatically, making indexing a snap!

A document to be indexed can consist of one or more PDF files in a folder.

Sonar Bookends Regular can scan your document for proper nouns (names of people, places, and things), or find words and filter them by frequency (words that occur too often are eliminated automatically), or you can provide your own list of items to be indexed. Multiple lists an be combined into a single list. The list can be saved so that it can be used to make future indices.

Sonar Bookends Regular can reverse first and last names in the list, convert the list from single-level to multiple-level, and sort the list alphabetically.

The list can contain hidden Boolean operations for finding terms in a more advance manner. For example, you can find the page numbers for "Apple Pie" as long as it appears within 25 words of "cinnamon."

Once the word list is ready, the index can be produced in seconds. There are various formatting options for the index, including how, or if, consecutive page numbers are abbreviated, if there is an alphabetic title over each group of terms, if page numbers are to be prefixed by a chapter number, etc.

For those doing linguistic studies, the frequency of items in the word list can be provided, instead of the page numbers where the items appear.

Sonar Bookends Regular supports English, Spanish, French, and other Latin-based languages.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2011.0.0
Review by Lord North

Beats the hell out of Word's indexing feature - I tried to index a 258-page book in Word 2011. What a terrible experience. So I searched the web for indexing apps and Sonar Bookends is really the only app I could find. What's great is that it works. And it works on any PDF file. Caution, though… you'll have to read the manual to fully understand how to control this app. It's also expensive, but like I said it's the only game in town. I suggest that before you buy, get a demo version from the Viginia Systems website. I have also found the technical support to be top-notch.

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