Soft Link

Developer: Softech di Germinara Francesco

Current Version: 1.00

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Soft Link it's a simple GUI to manage symbolic link (like Alias) on your Mac. User can create new soft link (symlink) launching application in standard mode (double click on icon file) or open Menu Services, from Finder with a folder or a file selected. The menu item that appears on Finder's contextual menu is named Make Soft Link. Click on it open dialog panel to specify soft link name to assign for selected item.
Another great feature of Soft Link App, is the search of all symbolic link present on specific folder and subfolders. The application it's able to delete softlink.
USER MUST BE ADMINISTRATOR to use all features (create/delete soft link)


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 0
Review by LLMMD

It works - The app works. It does exactly what it says, creating a symbolic link file that “fools” your Mac into thinking that the symbolic link is a file or folder elsewhere. This is MUCH more powerful than an Alias. The support documentation for this app is TERRIBLE, and the user interface is NOT intuitive. This is why people are giving it bad marks. It is because they can’t figure out how to use the app, not because the app doesn’t work exactly as advertised. DEVELOPER: Improve your UI and support documentation!

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Version 1.00
Review by Natie Klopper

Was hoping this would make it easy. - But Nope, it does not. It doesn't work, the error message I get is hardly understandable due to the lack of proper English.

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More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.00
Review by 7Blades

Dismal failure - It turned out to be completely useless. Wouldn't do what it was supposed to do. Use SymbolicLinker (Can be found at MacUpdate dot com). It works like a charm.

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Version 1.00
Review by dead cow

Doesn’t Work - I’ve followed the directions, it’s not too hard: 1. source file 2. name of symlink 3. destination where to place symlink. but all i get is an error message: “I’m sorry, something goes wrong, please check if the original folder name exist and the name for the soft link it’s not already taken” i want my hard earned buck back. hopefully this will prevent you from losing your money. btw, symbol linker 2.0 does not work either under yosemite.

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Version 1.00
Review by Richard Hanson

Works but is not intuitive - It does work, even for encrypted disks. But it took some study of the sample screenshots. 1. Type in your symbolic link name in the applicable field. 2. Drag and drop to destination folder into one of the path fields. Both path fields are filled in. 3. Press the Create button. 4. Launch a Finder window and navigate to inside the destination folder. There you will find the created symbolic link. 5. Grab the symbolic link and move it to its permanent home.

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