Social Pro for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail & Google+

Developer: GrandSoft Ltd.

Current Version: 1.19

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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If you have Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Gmail accounts and you're looking to manage all your favorite services at one single application - Social is the solution for you.

Social Pro is a collection of social management tools that is ideal for people who use multiple social network accounts. It is the only Mac-native multi social network client, and it saves you time by following statuses on Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.

No more jumping from site to site to monitor, update and engage your social services at the speed of real time. No need to open it up in a web browser, or have it clutter your workspace.

With the advanced instant notification and chat features, Social Pro is the most comprehensive solution on the market.

Main Features:
- Login your Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Gmail accounts
- The Social icon at menu bar shows you at-a-glance if you have unread messages, notifications or friend requests.
- Preview of incoming chat messages

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Release Notes:

Minor bug fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.6
Review by Courtstarr24

I've tried em all, and this one is the best - I've tried almost every facebook, gmail, google+, and twitter menubar apps and this one is levels above the rest. the only change this needs is better notifications. the ones implemented now are still better than the rest BUT it would be PERFECT if the popup notification showed more detail (rather than just "1 Facebook notification" it would be nice to see "Facebook: so and so liked your status"). Just a suggestion really. Still a 5 star must have app! Keep up the awesome work.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 1.10
Review by Jupiter Ascendant

Don't buy anything from these SCAMMY people!! - I bought this in Oct 2011 for the purpose of having my social media accounts easily accessible in one spot. For about 2 weeks, it worked great and I didn't have to go on the web to log into anything. Closer to the end of October, none of the tabs would refresh except for Facebook. I thought that since this is a PAID app, there would be an update to fix this because everything was once working properly. Nearly 3 months later and no update to fix any of the issues and the developers put out a 2.0 version that's suppose to iron out the issues that the app has and the only way to get it is to PAY again through their website! That's HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!!!!!! I already paid $4 for this app to do what it's advertised to do and now I'll have to pay again in order to get it to work 100% when it's suppose to work in the first place?!! You guys are running a SCAM!!!!! Don't buy anything from these THIEVES!!!!!!

Found helpful by 8 out of 9 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.19
Review by Amberleigh Paisley

Can’t enable features shown in picture - The images here (but not on their website) show a google talk tab… I can’t see any way to activate it. It isn’t even present in my version of the app so far as I can tell. Also… this is basically a window to a browser rather than a stand-alone app. Imagine a buch of cropped browser windows running the mobile version of the site on your desktop. So this is basically cellphone screen windows on your desktop.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people