Developer: Oleg Kibirev

Current Version: 1.32

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 87.6 MB - Download


★★★ Take and share stunning photos with one click! ★★★

SnapItUp is a Photo Booth App completely reinvented for 21st century. No more boring menus, no more posing for multiple shots hoping one will have eyes open. Just click on the photo you like from a beautiful 3D carousel with your live footage and we magically take a HUNDRED photos in just 5 seconds. Choose the best one and then crop and theme to perfection. If you wish, we save the entire shot as a Quicktime movie so that you can always refine and re-theme photos any time after the party.

We have great birthday themes, great boys' themes, great girls' themes (did I say Princess??), great grown up jazzy party themes, great "a couple of friends just dropped by and we are goofing off" themes. Keep using SnapItUp throughout the year for holidays, birthday parties, get togethers and whenever you feel like photographing your kids without running after them with a camera.

√ Make your own themes by instantly making cutouts in any photo - no separate software required
√ Create perfect cards from your own photos and videos
√ Apple Remote support - take photos and zoom camera from your sofa!
√ One click e-mail and printing, or share to Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Twitter and many other services.
√ Save any theme as an iChat background and help far away friends join the party!
√ Special unattended mode for kids - even 1yr olds!
√ Full support for all Lion features - Multitouch, Full Screen, Restore, Versions

SnapItUp is so much more than a Photo Booth! Included is a full featured non-destructive photo effects editor utilizing the same great GPU technologies as Apple's own Aperture. Yet it starts with an uncluttered, intuitive point and click interface that will have you up and running in seconds.

Please download and install if you upgraded to Lion 10.7.3 and have trouble opening Standard and Local Themes from application's View menu.


Release Notes:

Easily share photos on Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Twitter and even Internet-enabled printers and photo frames with just a couple of clicks!

Version 1.32 automatically scales all images down to the maximum resolution supported by your graphics card, so that you can open high resolution photos on older machines without resizing them manually.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2
Review by jeanettewu84

Easy easy EASY! - Ok, I got to confess I am an arts major and I am deathly scared of computers. Normally I don't touch anything except skype and two apps I have for school. But I really wanted to take some themed photos with my pals like back home. Now the most difficult put was actually installing app store (sofware update?? Reboot?!). The second most difficult part was going all the way to bookstore to get a gift card with cash, as I don't have a credit card yet. Why can't they do something easier for colleges? But I degress. The application itself is a BREEZE. You run it and it displays a rotating hexagon thingy with different picture frames and video from the webcam, so you see exactly what the photo will look like. Then you just click on something to take that photo and there are print and e-mail icons right on the same screen. Printed pictures look lovely, also as an art person I appreciate how there is a background behind portrait frames that don't completely feel the side of the hexagon and it changes colors to match the theme of the frame. The only con is that I got a yelling from my mom because it's the first time I sent her a picture in two months and it was nightclub frame so she wondered what exacly I was doing there. Actually it was right in my room :-) Anyway, just wanted to let fellow technophobes know not to be affraid to try it. The store page doesn't mention it, but there is also a free trial on the website.

Found helpful by 6 out of 8 people
Version 1.32
Review by Stevishphotog

Not worth it - Waste of my 5 bucks, wish we could return apps and get our money back

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.32
Review by LOlamarSoFIa

Think Before You Click - Well, i wanted to get a picture app so that i could take pictures with a variety of features, templates & themes. So i looked for these apps that did this and i found many... I usually read the reviews so that i don't get ripped off but this app had none. I checked the previous version reviews and they were pretty positive and since the app looked cool and productive well i bought it. 5 dollars of my itunes money DOWN THE DRAIN!!! Its super slow, it doesn't do things like it shows, you click on a theme and it takes A LOT of time, you click for a picture and it takes a LOT of time... It's just a really slow app that i honestly DONT reccomend. It also shuts down quicklyy!! y can barely use it!! So since there was no reiew to warn ME i'm making one to warn all of youu.

Found helpful by 17 out of 19 people
Version 1.32
Review by :)

Won’t Open - The app would not even open for me It was terrible I had to keep Reopening and crap it was a waste

Found helpful by 1 out of 2 people