Developer: Yunfeng Wang

Current Version: 1.1.0

Last Updated: 2 years ago

Download Size: 1.7 MB - Download


Attentions Please:
1 SmileBook is just a Collector without any images itself
2 Ver1.0.2 can't paste image automatically when it's double clicked, due to it has been forbidden by Sandboxed App, You may paste it to anywhere you want via press key "Command+v", after it was double clicked.

Images collector. collect images from web or QQ conversation easily by drag and drop.

You can use the images collected when you writing your blog or have a QQ conversation with your friends easily by double click one of them or just drag and drop.

The saved images have a colored selection rectangle. Blue or Green.
Only the one which has a green selection rectangle can be dragged or insert to blog and email input box.
Both color can be dragged or insert to QQ conversation box.

You also can insert the selected image into a email.

You can also preview all of your images animated if it's a animated image.

You can delete some one of them as you will.

Supported image type: PNG,TIFF,GIF with animations.

You can toggle the main window visible just click the status bar item, like the Spotlight.
You can quit the app by right click or alt + click anywhere in the app or on the status bar item. or by click "X" button


Release Notes:

1 Support Image dragged from firefox,chrome,opera
2 Support Upload image to your Facebook
3 Added "Preferences" panel
4 Now you can import images from other folders
5 Fixed some bugs

1 Due to Apple Sandbox, can't paste image to email or QQ via double click now, but you can press "command+v" to paste it after it was double clicked
2 Don't and Never delete the images in the "Smilebook" folders directly, Please operate them via Smilebook

Next Version
1 Support upload to twitter
2 Import from device such as iPhone
3 ScreenShot
4 ....