Developer: Patrick Stein

Current Version: 3.10

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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"4/5 mice" - MacWorld
Sleep your Mac differently depending on the battery level.
Works fine on Mavericks and Lion, but READ ON...

The current update of SmartSleep has not been approved by the AppStore team yet.
To ensure compatibility you must download the current Mountain Lion compatible version from my website.

* QuickSleep feature *New* - sleep your Mac immediately the way you want.
* SmartSleep Menu Item *New* - figure out the current Sleep State and QuickSleep.
* Insomnia feature in Menu Item *New* to keep your Mac awake
* Five different sleep modes to chose from:
- system default
- smart sleep (if your Mac has a battery )
- sleep only
- hibernate only
- sleep and hibernate
* Does not need admin privileges *New*
- You do not need to have SmartSleep in your Dock to keep it running as you can enable to run it as a loginItem in the preferences.

Your MacBook or MacBook Pro knows the following sleep states:

* sleep:machine will go to sleep only (saves state in RAM only, battery keeps RAM contents)
* sleep & hibernate: machine sleeps and hibernates. (default)
* hibernate only: machine will go to hibernate only. (saves state on disk, battery will not be used)

Just sleep means that the notebook will go to sleep fast, but you lose the ability to change the battery as the battery is needed to keep the contents of the memory (RAM).
Just sleep and hibernate will wake the computer fast, but sleeping will take ages as the contents of the memory are saved to disk before entering the sleep.

The solution
SmartSleep lets you select each sleep state. Additionally the new SmartSleep state lets your notebook just sleep while the battery has a high level. If the battery level drops below a certain point (default is less then 20% or 20 minutes) it will switch to sleep and hibernate. So you have the best of both worlds. Furthermore it will expand the lifetime of your SSD (if you have one) as your MacBook won't write a hibernate file as often.

Back in 2005 a feature called hibernate silently went into newer PowerBooks. With an nv-ram setting it was possible to enable hibernation on old Powerbooks as well. A friend of mine pointed this out to me and having done no Cocoa programming at all on Macs I decided to venture into this realm and write a nice interface to it - Hibernate.prefPane was born.
I quickly found out that hibernation wasn’t a feature I wanted and the program lay dormant for two years.
When I bought an Intel MacBook Pro I was annoyed by the hibernation feature which just takes too long to get my Mac to sleep. I updated Hibernate but that was not enough, so I decided to write SmartSleep.


Release Notes:

Fixed bug in insomnia mode with screen waking when display is asleep and no screensaver runs.
Added a default to start insomnia on launch. Set it with defaults write de.jinx.SmartSleep enableinsomniaonlaunch YES
Removed large versions of daemon icons to reduce the size of the program.

AppStore reviews are reset after every new update. If you like SmartSleep, give it a good review. If you don't like, it tell me as well and let me know about it - I DO read my email.
Patrick Stein


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.10
Review by NuNu10000

Making Smartsleep work for you. - This version does not work for Lion, see instructions below. To clarify, Insomnia allows you to close the clamshell of your macbook, shutting off the keyboard and display backlights, while allowing the computer to keep processing whatever it was doing. on 10.6: Download as usual from the Appstore, then click the Support link on this page. This will take you to Patrick's website, where you can download the enhanced Insomnia plugin. on 10.7: Download as usual, then uninstall it from Launchpad. (Contradictory, I know, but this is so you can grab a license.) Then, head to Patrick's website via the support link on this page and download Smartsleep 3.14 (Pi?) for Lion. Download the insomnia plugin while you're there too. Install Smartsleep 3.14 and the Plugin. Review: This app works seamlessly, allowing you to have precise control over how your laptop sleeps. As a college student, I often have to close my laptop and pack my things quickly, so that I can get to my next class. Smartsleep works for me because it allows me to put my laptop to sleep instantly, parking the hard drive immediately (instead of writing hibernate data) so that I can leave without worrying about potentially damaging the hard drive. Insomnia is great because it allows me to keep my laptop in my bag while having it do something (downloading a file, encoding a video, even burning a disc!) As suggested in an earlier review though, I too would like to see the fans cranked up when insomnia is enabled. Overall smartsleep is an elegant solution for those who want their macbook to sleep INSTANTLY.

Found helpful by 18 out of 22 people
Version 3.10
Review by santinor

Doesn't do anything in Lion - This application doesn't really do anything in Lion. Even the version from the developers site. It won't force hibernation when selected from the menu. It always sleeps to RAM. Plus Lion will always create a sleepimage file whether you have hibernation enabled or not. So, if you were hoping to use this to get back disk space, you won't.

Found helpful by 34 out of 48 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.10
Review by gorskiegangsta

Excellent app! Truly adds to what OSX is missing - Finally! Thanks to this neat little app I now have the ability to put my MacBook Pro into hibernation mode (that uses no power whatsoever) whenever I Please. The sleep mode in OSX is miles away from that of Windows but, on a laptop, it still uses power. If you put the laptop to sleep overnight (unplugged), you'll lose up to 10% of battery; that's a big no-no for me. Additionally, I don't want to have to shut down the machine and then - the next day - have to remember what I was working on yesterday, and have to reopen every app. Pros: Very polished app, stable, lots of options Cons: Little expensive (at 4 bucks) should be $2 Other: Wish "insomnia" mode kept the computer awake even when lid is closed

Found helpful by 9 out of 14 people
Version 3.10
Review by tsj03

An absolute must have! - NOTE: I'm using OS X 10.6.8 -- if you have Lion/10.7 you need to go to the website (under the "SmartSleep support" link) to upgrade to the latest version (3.16) after buying. I don't know how I lived without this for so long -- I'll never have to tell my friends "I'll catch up with you in a few minutes, I'm just waiting for my laptop to go to sleep" again! In addition, Insomnia Mode is absolutely necessary when giving presentations. I don't know of any other utility program with all these features.

Found helpful by 9 out of 10 people
Version 3.10
Review by Izmael

Try rebooting. - For those having trouble making this to actually work, try rebooting. I downloaded the newest version from the developer's site, still didn't work, rebooted my mac, boom now it works. So for those claiming it just doesn't work - try rebooting your mac.

Found helpful by 9 out of 12 people
Version 3.10
Review by jgmdean

Great and getting better! - Does what it says cleanly and simply. As someone who upgradede their MBP's drive to flash and RAM to 8GB, I really appreciate being able to reliably sleep without the hibernate file from the menu bar. In fact the only thing keeping this software from perfection is the ability to nuke (preferably automatically) the hibernation file, cleaning up swap would be a bonus. Insomnia mode has always been useful when downloading or processing stuff and I want to close the lid. Maybe add the option to push the fans to maximum when in insomnia mode? I find I frequently need to do that as the MBP's airflow isn't as good with the clamshell closed. As world+dog have already noted hibernate only is so useful when putting the MBP away for more than a day, or wanting to conserve battery life on standby. While I'm more than capable of doing all this (except insomnia) on the command line, a less error-proof GUI solution is really better. The Author writes good, tight code, reads his mail and reviews and responds and the owl icons are cute. What more could you want? Well, it would have been nice if SL did it this way out-of-the-box, but I don't see that happening any time soon and I fully expect this will be the first app I will buy for Lion...

Found helpful by 9 out of 12 people
Version 3.10
Review by HellsAcolyte

Great product! - First, it does as it states. Plus a great little icon that blinks, it's entertaianing lol. Secondly, for insomnia to stop your laptop from sleeping in clamshell mode (the normal insomnia just prevents sleep while idle) you will need to visit the website and grab the plugin. It works great. So I am not sure why others had a problem. Lastly, he DOES answer his emails and very fast. It's not terribly difficult to find it either, it's clearly on his website Overall it's a fantastic product and he's a great guy, his other stuff looks interesting too. Give it a shot, it's only 4 bucks!

Found helpful by 8 out of 11 people