Smart Sync

Developer: Yong Chen

Current Version: 3.12

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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Smart Sync is a tool which helps you to sync or backup files and folders between different folders with a very friendly and clean UI. With it you can manage your folders, documents and files effectively. And at last, it's really easy to use. You can also use it to synchronize your Dropbox with several folders.

Key features:
=>Synchronize a lot of folders at the same time.
=>All kinds of sync modes to select.
=>Both automatic sync and manual sync are supported.
=>Sync works in the background.
=>Support filters to exclude files you do not want to synchronize.
=>Show sync operation in a very friendly and clean UI.
=>Fast access from the system status bar.

Note: If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us with our support email:
[email protected]


Release Notes:

Fix some bugs.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.10
Review by Katie the Magnificent

Simple AND Detailed - I’ve been bouncing around to different data copy programs as of late and this one seems to avoid many of the problems that plague the others. Here are just a few things I noticed work exceptionally well with SmartSync: • Using removable drives, such as externals, flash drives, and servers, all stay synced to the shortcuts you set in the program. For example, every couple days I backup my work folder to an external server, and SmartSync lets me save a favorite for this. When I take my laptop home and bring it back the next day, other programs would not recognize the shortcut, but SmartSync does and really simplifies the regular backing up that I do. • It will not copy/replace everything, but rather scan your drives and compare your two chosen locations and show you a comparison of what is older or newer where. This is nice in case you forgot about saving your very important project to the wrong drive. • You get a very detailed menu for where to copy where and if it should delete old files or sync both folders entirely. For example, if you had two drives, you could save files to either drive and then use SmartSync to bring whatever files are on one or the other to both drives. It’s a very nifty tool, but I mostly just use it to duplicate a folder to a secondary drive. Some notes for what could be improved in future patches: • Allow me to save presets in the Sync Settings, so I could more reliably trust my option. I like to Copy Left to Right and Delete older files on Right, but there’s no preset for that and I’d love to have the option of making my own. • During backup, it will sometimes transfer a very large file (i.e. 15 GB or so) and it will just hang there at whatever percentage it is in the overall transfer, seemingly not progressing while it really actually is. I’d love to see two transfer bars, one for the overall transfer percentage and another for the individual file transfer percentage, as well as an estimated time to complete for each. This usually bothers me at work when it hits 5:00 and I need to go home, but the backup is still going. If I cancel the backup, it waits until the current file finishes before cancelling, and if that file is very large I have no idea what sort of time I am waiting. It’d be nice to see a percentage bar for the file as well as estimated time, so if I cancel I know I’ll have X amount of minutes before it actually cancels. • I don’t see this feature, so correct me if I’m missing it, but a tool to schedule syncs would be fantastic. Overall, fantastic little app and worth the cost. In the end, OSX updates regularly these days so I really just need to see if it’s going to stay updated with newer versions.

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Version 3.12
Review by mac-user-101

very slow - so purchased this and well it is very very slow the light version was faster

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Version 3.12
Review by Vl0000

Very slow - How come items are off by one hour even after syncing?

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