Smart Notes - Private Notes

Developer: Sergey Bolshedvorsky

Current Version: 6.0

Last Updated: 3 years ago

Download Size: 2.6 MB - Download


This is a very simple and easy to use notes application. The application uses iCloud for the data synchronisation between your iPhone, iPad and Mac. All data is stored on your devices. 

It doesn't perform many things like other notes apps however it executes a few functions with a grace:

- Application uses iCloud for the notes synchronisation between any Smart Notes clients running on your other devices
- Application allows you to protect your notes with a password
- Create multiple categories for your notes
- Sort your categories in an alphabetical or in your own order
- Sort your notes by the modification date or in an alphabetical order
- Application supports the full text search
- Application allows you to share any of your notes via Email
- Application allows you to publish any of your notes on Facebook or Twitter
- Application supports email, url, phone and address data detection


Release Notes:

Every update of our Smart Notes app includes improvements for synchronisation and reliability.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.7
Review by hwfitzjr

It’s great Note Taking app - I rated this app earlier and lowered it rating because of a syncing problem. After several hours on my own trying to figure it out I finally got Apple involved and it turns out the problem was with my iCloud account. When I deleted the first icloud account and created a new account, the syncing has been excellent with all my devices. I simply use this application for all my note taking and storage of important data. I am sorry for blaming Smart Notes for the syncing problems but it was a tough one to fix however, I never gave up on the App because I love the structure. I would highly recommend this app to anyone that wants a great way to keeping notes and important data. Smart Notes is my number one used application on all my Mac devices.

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More Reviews for Current Version

Version 6.0
Review by Antiduplicity

This is a simple note taking app and it does it well - I will not wish this is something it is not. It is a simply note taking app that syncs with allmy computers and devices. It is clean, works like it says and it is easy to use. It is grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat

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Version 6.0
Review by Wdav

Can’t change fonts! WHY?? - The app is very simple (that is what I wanted). It is quite easy to use. BUT, why is it that every developer uses micro font as the default? And, in this case there is no way to change it. CLUE FOR DEVELOPER - not every user is 15 years old with perfect vision. The font used should be at least large enough to see!! Yes, I have my system fonts at their largest as allowed by Apple, who are also 15 year old eagle eyed techies. When this section of society grows up they may realize that perfect vision can no longer be taken for granted. But, I get it, they write code and don’t consider the users. In this case the app would be a five ***** if I could just see the darned notes!!

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