Developer: STA Software

Current Version: 1.3.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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SiteSaver is an easy-to-use application that helps you collect, organize, save and retrieve information from the Web and integrate it with your local files and folders. It is designed to enhance the productivity of web knowledge workers and power users.

Type a query on any topic into a search engine and you will receive thousands, if not millions, of hits. Scanning through these hits and their on-going links, you can find many web pages that contain useful information for your research. How do you easily record a relevant web page and later recall why it was important and quickly return to it? How do you organize this data using familiar menu commands or drag-and-drop methods? SiteSaver provides the means to do all of this.

SiteSaver records your data in an intuitive, tabular interface. All data are stored on your own system. You can work with your data on- or off-line and can assure privacy using the OSX security features.

When you are viewing a web page containing useful information, you use one click to save its URL, page name and the current access date. Your data are saved in a table with one column reserved for notes that you add by typing or by copying and pasting text. You can work with multiple tables simultaneously (particularly useful when working with related but separate topics), and each table can store an unlimited number of web pages.

SiteSaver also has a hot key (or global key) that allows you to add a web page to your table without leaving your browser window.

Local files and folders - that is, any file or folder on your hard drive or any other storage devise attached to your computer - can also be added to your table. Clicking "Add File/Folder" opens a panel, just like the familiar Open-panel, that allows you to navigate to and select the desired file or folder. Similarly to a web page, this will save the location of the file or folder, its name, and the date of access into your table.

SiteSaver provides extensive capabilities for editing and organizing data. Saved web pages, files and folders can be rearranged with in a table or moved among tables. Multiple highlight colors are available to indicate levels of importance.

Print options allow you to select which columns and web pages, files and folders are printed and in what order. Except for the smallest tables, tables usually print on multiple side-by-side pages which makes the output hard to read when one column prints across two or more of these pages. SiteSaver allows you to set vertical pages breaks to force any column to print entirely on just one of the side-by-side pages.

SiteSaver features include:
•Support for Apple Safari®, Google®, Chrome® and Opera browsers (no plug-ins required),
•One click saves data in an user friendly, tabular format. A global key saves web pages without having to leaving the browser.
•All data stored on your system,
•A double click returns you immediately to a web page, file or folder,
•Add your own notes on each web page, file or folder by typing or by cutting and pasting text from any source (edit notes using standard word processing methods),
•Open an unlimited number of tables,
•Add an unlimited number of web pages, files or folders per table,
•Reorder web pages, files and folders within a table or move them among tables,
•Reorder and resize table columns,
•Selectable default fonts (font family, size and color),
•Multiple highlighting colors for flagging important data,
•Search for words and phrases within your notes,
•Print tables with selectable page breaks between columns,
•Copy and paste data or export entire tables to word processing documents and spread sheets, and
•Work with your collected data on- or off-line.

Requirements: OS 10.8 or later and any one of Safari, Chrome or Opera.


Release Notes:

Bug fixes and performance enhancements