Singlemizer: The Duplicate Finder

Developer: Konstantin Pavlikhin

Current Version: 4.7.0

Last Updated: 3 years ago

Download Size: 3.3 MB - Download


Bring order to file chaos on your Mac today, use Singlemizer to remove unnecessary file duplicates.

• Minimalist UI
Simple and lightweight UI doesn't distract with inappropriate animations and visual noise.

• External Drives Support
Scan internal and external HDDs, removable USB drives and even network directories on a remote Macs.

• Folders Priorities
Priorities help to determine which file from the group of found duplicates should be considered original.

• Efficient Scan Algorithm
Fast and precise detection of duplicates utilizing file's contents via cryptographic digest function.

• Progressive Results
Duplicates are listed as soon as they are identified. All copies of a particular file arrive simultaneously.

• Duplicate Folders Detection
Detecting duplicate folders makes a list of scan results much more compact.

• Duplicates' Filtering
Filter duplicates' list by filename and switch file type metagroups.

• Duplicates' Sorting
Sort duplicates' list by numerous criterias, such as wasted space or redundant copies count.

• Instant Quick Look Preview
Files from the results' list can be instantly previewed via Finder-like Quick Look function.

• One Click Duplicates' Selection
Select a couple of duplicates and click on the checkbox in front of any file to check all entries in the selection.

• Safe Duplicates' Removal
Original files are always left untouched. You can't remove the most important, last copies of data.

• Linking Duplicates to the Original Item
Power user?! Replace duplicates with aliases, symbolic links or hardlinks. All kinds at your service.


Release Notes:

• complete redesign to the new Yosemite visual style
• a new built-in Quick Look preview of a duplicate items
• display of a scan progress information in a popover window
• the app now calculates the amount of a total freed storage
• numerous internal improvements
• all known bugs are caught, new bugs put in


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.0.5
Review by Simply Tim

If you have thousands of files scattered across - ... folders, subfolders, and removable hard drives, you need SImglemizer. Which I did because I had several PC system crashes through the years resulting in multiple backup sessions all copied to my (then) new Mac Pro. And copied back to my refurbished PC when it was up and running again. More than 10,000 photos in myriad states of editing. And when my PC crashed again ... MORE backup archives were transferred to my Mac. It was a nightmare of the worst kind: multiple, duplicate files (many with different names and edited version), multiple duplicated folders and subfolders WITHIN subfolders. I literally cringed whenever I visited my photo hard drive and spent hours in multiple sessions using multiple Finder windows trying to visually compare files. This went on for years. And then I discovered SInglemizer. Singlemizer performed absolute miracles. Apparently, Singlemizer analyzes files based on total checksums contained WITHIN them and NOT based on filenames, creation dates, or file sizes. Singlemizer found HUNDREDS of duplicate files and allowed me to easily select the one destined to become the "master". Singlemizer saved not only my butt, but my sanity as well. I used Singlemizer just today (this new version), and decided it was way past time to leave a favorable review. Since I've used both versions (didn't see any difference in the two), I was unsure where to post this review. If this is the wrong place, it's my bad.

Found helpful by 15 out of 17 people
Version 3.0.0
Review by RogerJr

Absolutely unusable - After using the previous version and liking it, I updated to the latest. I was eager to use the "replace duplicates with links" feature. Instead, I got a real dud of an app that won't even allow me to add folders to the "scan locations" tab, whether through drag and drop or by clicking "+" and drilling down to the folder. Who knows if any of the other features work. I'm a small-potatoes developer myself, and console is showing the app struggling and throwing errors. I can't imagine how something like this made it out of beta without testing on a plain-vanilla Mac Pro Lion like mine? You can almost do what this app does from the console. To the developer - you'll learn on your own that you can't treat users needing support the way it's been described here in reviews, or the free market will teach you. The most onerous issue for me - larger even than the obvious lack of quality control - is the dismissive attitude regarding support. I wouldn't purchase apps that work WELL from a developer with that attitude - and your app doesn't.

Found helpful by 34 out of 36 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 4.7.0
Review by DrJJWMac

Does what it says with some limitations - I compared two demo versions of utilities to remove duplicate files/folders. I chose this one because … * I can clearly see all of the folders that are going to be scanned in the opening input panel (and could not in the other app) * The panel to do the selections can be reduced in size, which is critical on a small screen (even on a 15 in MBP, the other app over-dominated the screen real estate) * The selection method clearly prevents you from removing all “duplicate" copies of a folder or file Both this app and the other one I demoed missed certain duplicate files and did not collect comparable file sets properly in their folders first. I would suggest therefore not to make a decision only on this criteria. I also did not test on photos or music libraries, only on Finder-level folders, and in those cases YMMV. Documentation for help is sparse if non-existent for this app. It took a while to understand the “priority ranking” method of arranging folders on the input panel (suggestion — give a cleaner presentation of this info in the input panel). Whether you want also to eliminate empty folders behind trashing files or instead want to make alias or links to trashed files may make a break-point in your decision process. A nicer method to do “side-by-side” nested comparisons of the contents in folder structures would be useful, as would a method to tag folders (ie attach a Finder tag — “cleaned”) where files have been removed (for later review and post-processing at the Finder level). In any case, this app, with it minimalist UI and clearer up-front selection of folders to scan, won my votes.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 4.7.0
Review by Shortonnyc

Best Dupe app - I have spent months trying all kinds of duoe finding apps and have been unbelievably frustrated as my music library becamae more and more out of control and these other apps are getting rid of everything including things ssngs that didn’t have any duplicates. Finally I came across this one and it has done the best job yet. It does have the tendancy to crash with large projects. Thaty needs to be looked into. Great program!

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people