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Current Version: 3.2.6

Last Updated: 6 months ago

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Turn your Photo in a Vibrant HDR with an Extended Range of Dynamic Light and Detail

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Simply HDR is a powerful HDR tool that instantly creates stunning and mesmerizing imagery from otherwise bland subjects and compositions.

Have you ever looked at a well-executed HDR photo with a dramatic sky and wish you could take a shot like that? Now you can! With Simply HDR you can produce an outstanding picture with an extended range of dynamic light and detail. Gone are the days of combining multiple images, we do it for you! With Simply HDR you can create your own stunning imagery using our advanced built-in True HDR camera or choose a single picture from your photo library, the end result will be an outstanding picture that’s captivating, mesmerizing, revealing and beautifully detailed. It is also user-friendly for both professional and amateur photographers.

Simply HDR also provides a built-in “brush", for times when your subjects are people or pets, that will gently smooth areas with too much detail; or corrects a halo where the sky meets the trees (Mac Version Only).

• High Dynamic Range (HDR)
• Black and White HDR
• Contrasted HDR
• Shadows and Lights
• Contrasted Light

A “Smoothing Brush” for easy corrections to noisy skies and halos (Mac Version Only). Fully adjustable control on all aspects of the process: HDR Controls, Tint Color Filters, Gradient Filters, Vignette, and Grain. HDR also has the ability to open RAW images.

Tint Color and Gradient Filters

All JixiPix Apps come with: Superior Customer Service, Support for High-Resolution Images & Output, Undo/Redo, Randomize Button, Quick Presets, the ability to create Custom Presets and Quick Preview. Our mobile version can Email, Print, and post directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

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“JixiPix turns any photo into a masterpiece. The only requirement is art appreciation — we’ll take care of the rest!” “Creative Tools for Creative People”
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Release Notes:

Bug fixes and optimizations


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.04
Review by vjdjr

Yowsa! - As opposed to most of the JixiPix apps I've played with, which change a photograph into a painting, this software makes the photograph "hyper-photographic", making your image startlingly more real-life. You can play with the settings, though, to make the result more surrealistic by playing with color settings, etc. Very cool results. I'm very pleased with this product and have no complaints. There are a bunch of presets to choose from, as well as the ability to use sliders to fine-tune the result. Be aware that when you want to save your image, it will take a couple of moments and the resulting file size will be significantly larger than the image you started with.

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people
Version 1.0
Review by barnettart

SimpleMinded filter for fake extreme HDR efx - You can't use bracketed shots. You can't even use a RAW file. This is HDR for the timid or harried. You will not get any of the traditional benefits of HDRi, which is to compress the entire visual range of data you want to see in a single seemingly normal photograph. As Fake HDR, this filter will work with the right kind of image, one that already is exposed as perfectly as possible for highlights and shadows, ie, probably best for a cloudy day? For fluorescent lit images? Anything that does not contain black areas that should have visible data, and also contains all the highlites you WANT to see simultaneously. In other words, this is a filter to make perfectly exposed images of low contrast look like they were shot as bracketed images combined in a REAL HDRi App, whichi for reasons considered inappropriate should not be listed here. Just know that if you want real HDRi this is the wrong app, but if you want to goof around with perfect exposures, get extreme results, hey, go for it. I like to do both kind of HDRi so it's just a misleading title. This is a filter group, period. Nuff said?

Found helpful by 40 out of 53 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.2.6
Review by KG0825

Very Disappointed! - I downloaded this app bacause one of my photographer colleagues uses it and love it. However my first complaint is the price! This program is $12.99 via apple and $9.99 on the software site itself! My second complaint is that once the app downloaded several features are missing. In watching the tutorial I noticed that there is a smoothing slider. Well that slider is missing from the version downloaded today! I need the information to sync and the pricing to sync! I requested a refund for this product!!! So disappointed!

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people