Developer: Nikolaos Konstantakopoulos

Current Version: 1.0.3

Last Updated: 2 years ago

Download Size: 27.2 MB - Download


SimpleLines is no longer supported, and in now free!

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Simple Lines is a straightforward easy to use audio mixing console.

Use it to manage all the physical inputs of your audio interface. By default “Simple Lines” creates an many channels as your audio interface’s physical inputs, and each ones is assigned to the relevant input.

Having available all the audio plug-ins from your computer and 8 auxiliary channels that can be used for monitoring, channel grouping and group effects, Simple Lines is very useful and easy to use for live music bands or home studios.


-Up to 32 input channels
-8 auxiliary channels
-Up to 3 plug-ins to every channel (AU or VST)
-3 band equalizer for every channel
-Input gain
-15 band Stereo Equalizer on the master out
-Separate volume and panning for each channel
-Assign the auxiliary outputs to any physical output channel to your audio interface
-Stereo out recording

You can set a variety of settings for your audio interface to create a project as you like it.
Even with limited input channels you can create a project with as many as you want (up to 32) to be ready for use with other audio interfaces that have more input channels.

Simple Lines is a powerful professional tool to use on every situation from professional musical lives to home studio recordings.

Near Future Updates will include Audio File playing capability Sound - Noise Generators for easy room equalization


Release Notes:

- Fixed bug : Not finding correctly the available VSTs and AUs