Developer: Tien Thinh Vu

Current Version: 1.92

Last Updated: 24 days ago

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SimpleCAD is an easy, simple to learn 2D Computer Aided Design program (CAD) made to meet all of your basic design needs.
SimpleCAD is more than just a vector paint program, because you could move, copy, edit, scale, rotate and offset… objects.

Main Functions of the application:

- Basic draw items: including freehand lines, line, polyline, orthogonal line, tangent line, parallel line, rectangle, polygon, circle, arc (NOTE: native ellipse is not supported, only support ellipse created by polyline object). Text box, callout box, picture box (imported from image file), measure items…

- Modify functions: move, erase, copy, mirror, offset, rotate, scale, stretch items' vertices, lengthen, trim, extend, break, chamfer, fillet and explode polyline, join, array, polar array.

- Auto Snap point setting: Snap to grid, end points of objects, on entity, center of arc - line - circle, middle point of arc - line, intersections, snap to top, left, right, bottom edges of a circle, arc

- Multi layers: you could create new layer to draw more items. Layers could be shown, hidden independently.

- Add image: You could add any image file (support file type: gif, jpeg, png, bmp, pict, tiff) to display as an item inside the application.
Image file could be shown in following modes: Stretch / Fit inside bound / Fit outside bound.
The application also allows to DRAG/DROP many image files directly from Finder (or press Cmd-V to paste image from current Clipboard) to current editing window to add them to the diagram.

- Add items (block) to Block Template list:
Right click on selected items then select "Add to template list" to save the block to template list so that you can reuse it later

- Customizable background:
Background color, total size of the diagram could be changed during editing.
Background color also can be set to transparent.

- Open/Save to "*.AAD" file:
AAD (*.aad) is the new file type created only for this application.
Press "Cmd-S" to save current diagram to an AAD file so that you could load it later for editing.

- Capture to clipboard:
Press "Cmd-9" or click on Capture button to export current diagram image to clipboard, then you could paste that image to another application.
Example: Open [Preview] application, press "Cmd-N" to paste above captured image to view or to save to an image file.
Of course, you could paste that image to Excel, Word application too.

Other functions:
- Supports Metric or English units (you could change it in the Preferences dialog)
- Unlimited Undo/Redo (shortcut key: Cmd-Z / Shift-Cmd-Z)
- Copy / Paste (shortcut key: Cmd-C / Cmd-V)
- Group / Ungroup Items (shortcut key: Cmd-G / Shift-Cmd-G)
- Lock/Unlock items position (shortcut key: Cmd-L / Shift-Cmd-L)
- Change display order
- Export to png, jpeg, tiff, pdf image file (shortcut key: Cmd-E)
- Print supported (shortcut key: Cmd-P)


Release Notes:

- Fix bugs

In previous update:
- New: Modify Flip
- New: Modify Align X, Y, Horizontal center, Vertical center, distribute
- Modify Copy, Move, Flip, Rotate, Scale will apply to all items when no item selected
- Undo/Redo supported after remove or add new layer
- Support to input Feet, inches with Fraction (e.g.: 2’ 3 1/2” )
- More print setting (margin, pagination setting, print with grid line,…)
- support to show unit in Feet-inches format
- manual drag and move by: hold ALT then drag mouse
- manual drag and move by: right mouse click then drag mouse
- manual drag and copy by: hold ALT-CONTROL key then drag mouse
- improve User Interface
- support to show Ruler
- add Zoom in, Zoom out short cut key
- add Point mark object
- add “Copy to another layer”, “Move to another layer” menu
- allow user to edit measure object’s text content
- allow user to direct edit coordinate information of selected object by new text boxes on the left toolbar
- fix arrow head size


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.6
Review by petetjr

peterelijah - Current version solved my problem below. I am still discovering other features. I find this app very useful if you need to draw right away without a lot of studying. If you need autocad or revit, then buy autocad and revit but if you are looking for full autocad and revit features in this app, you are looking at the wrong place. To the author, thanks - you are very responsive too. I am a Structural Engineer who has been looking for a very much simpler DRAWING TOOL than autocad/revit. And I found one. This program is SIMPLE, EASY TO USE & convertible to jpg which is easy to paste into word & excel. I am gaining proficiency with it and I love it. The arrow heads are too big though and need to be much thinner than how I would like them. For now it suits my purposes and will continue using it. I look forward to future revisions on the arrow heads.

Found helpful by 9 out of 9 people
Version 1.7
Review by irratation galore

totally worthless - Absolutly no help for people who don’t know what and how to use snap commands etc. I tried to google a utube on this. none to be found. none. all the other programs are different. it is rated highly user friendly… I do not consider myself stupid… but apparently I am. this is a throw away program unless you have some idea about how to use a command line. tools available look nothing like others i have seen in tubes…. i just want to draw a simple floorplan and move things around….. so complicated it makes me want to hurt somebody. So yes,,,, you can draw some lines…. I want to create something i can move around….i think you can with this …..but they aren’t going to tell you…. hahahahhah yes… figure it out… if you like to be frustrated… here you go…enjoy!

Found helpful by 7 out of 12 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.92
Review by IrishGatorGuy

Good for the Price - I'm a novice at CAD; I have a degree in Electrical Engineering; and have used VISIO duing my career. I struggled using this the first time I used use it. The next time I use the customized view which allowed me to enter the scale of the drawing. The it was very easy to use and create and label the simple drawings I needed. It was worth the $19.00

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people