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Current Version: 2.3.1

Last Updated: 24 days ago

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Silo 2 Professional is a focused 3D modeling application with the ability to effortlessly switch between organically sculpting high-polygon models and precisely controlling hard-edged surfaces. It can be used for anything from creating 3D characters for video games and movies to quickly exploring 3D architectural ideas.

Silo is currently being used at top studios worldwide as both a stand-alone design tool and as a versatile element of a multi-software 3D graphics workflow.

**Zen Workflow**
Silo's careful design and its focus on pure modeling allows it to have a free, uncluttered feeling which is simply not possible in larger applications. Whether you are working to precise specifications or sketching out your thoughts, it is much easier to do so in a calm, focused modeling environment. This benefits professionals who are coming to Silo to escape slower, more complex software. It also benefits hobbyists and students, who are able to learn everything they need without having to deal with anything they don't need.

**Advanced Polygonal Modeling**
Silo offers a comprehensive set of interactive, context-sensitive tools for rapid polygonal modeling. The workflow is focused on having a few powerful, intelligent tools, rather than a separate command or option for every conceivable function. Additionally, "sticky key" functionality allows tools to behave differently if a hotkey is held down. Key modeling tools include Break, Tweak, Cut, Bevel, Slide, Scale, Extrude, Polygon Tool, Edge Tool, unlimited Undo and Redo, and more. Modeling can be performed with or without manipulators, including the Universal Manipulator which combines rotate, scale, and translate into a single manipulator.

**Subdivision Surfaces**
Subdivision surfaces offer a smooth, high polygon shape, and are easily accessible in Silo. Using default shortcuts, simply press c to subdivide as many levels as you want, and v to unsubdivide. Modeling can be performed in real time at any subdivision level with updates shown directly on the subdivided shape. Edges can be creased to keep them sharp at all subdivision levels.

**Advanced UV Editing**
Silo offers multiple types of unwrapping, including LSCM, Planar Region, XYZ, Per Face, and By Neighbors, which heals UVs based on the UVs based on the surrounding area. Different unwrapping methods can even be used on parts of the same mesh for optimal results. UVs are preserved during modeling operations, so modeling and UV editing can be freely interchanged with little to no cleanup. (This is particularly useful when a last-minute modeling change needs to be made to a "finished" model.) As described in the Silo Core section, clutter is significantly reduced by allowing regular geometry editing tools to be used to edit UVs wherever it makes sense. Even the displacement brushes, particularly the Smooth brush, are very useful when applied to smoothing out UVs.

**Much, Much More**
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Please note that purchasing Silo from the Mac App store does not give you a license to use the Windows version of Silo as well. A cross-platform version can be purchased from our website.


Release Notes:

- Retina display fix
- A cut tool crash has been fixed
- Exported OBJs should play much better with Substance Painter
- It is now possible to delete empty objects in the scene editor
- Qt libraries updated to v5.4 for Gatekeeper compatibility
- Other bug fixes, stability/performance enhancements

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Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.2
Review by rez-nik

Great Application for creating organic shapes. - Silo is very easy to use for a 3d modeler, it has a low memory footprint, it's very fast and stable, and with it you can create anything you can dream up. At some point, it would be cool if there were a zapplink between silo and zbrush. If you want to get into 3d, it's a great place to start.

Found helpful by 40 out of 45 people
Version 2.3.02
Review by Tulrin

Crashes with Yosemite - The app won’t open and crashed when you attempt to run it on Yosemite. This developer needs to either provide a path for those who bought it through the app store to be able to switch their license or do an update that fixes this issue. Very poor developer support. It seems they have thrown it on the app store and not done anything since… If you really want Silo, don’t buy it on the app store, but then again you have to ask yourself; if a developer doesn’t support their application in one place what is to say they will in any other way? Personally at this point my suggestion would be to buy Cheetah3d. It is less expensive and better in every way than Silo.

Found helpful by 6 out of 7 people