Silent Sifter - Organize Photos & Videos in Minutes

Developer: Vector15

Current Version: 3.3

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Organize your photos and videos in minutes with Silent Sifter.

If you are suffering from digital photo overload, you can get organized and stay organized with Silent Sifter. Tell Silent Sifter what you want, and let it do the tedious work.

Perfect for you if:
• You aren't happy with how your photos are organized, but are dreading cleaning them up
• You have a camera, smartphone, or SD card full of files and need to clear some space
• You have your Photos or Videos stored in multiple places and wish they were centralized
• You aren't sure which files you have copied from your camera and which you haven't
• You have multiple cameras and want all of their photos organized
• You are a photography enthusiast or professional and want to organize your vast library of files into a custom structure (By Camera, Date, Type, RAW vs JPG, etc)

Getting Organized
• Organize by year, month, camera, resolution, file type, or whatever custom structure you want
• Import from multiple cameras directly to your organized structure
• Filter out files you don't want
• Rename files to whatever you choose
• Automatically removes duplicates and prevents file collisions
• Supports Photos, Videos, RAW files
• iPhoto input/output support
• Photo Booth input support
• Easy to set up
• No manual work needed to organize your files
• Fast processing

Staying Organized
• Silent Sifter remembers your settings
• Connect your camera again, and with one click import, organize, rename, filter all of your files exactly how you would like
• Same files on your camera? No problem, Silent Sifter will detect the duplicates and only copy new files.


◦ One click organization
◦ Deduplication
◦ Customized folders
◦ File renaming
◦ Photos and Videos
◦ Multiple inputs
◦ Multiple outputs
◦ Camera import
◦ RAW files
◦ File filtering
◦ Dropbox and gDrive support
◦ iPhoto and Photo Booth support
◦ Automatic monitoring and organization
◦ Filename collision prevention
◦ Fast file processing and copying


◦ Non-Destructive: Silent Sifter does not change EXIF data on copies, and does not modify the original files
◦ Photo Formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, AI, PSD, JPEG2000, XCF, BMP, ICNS and a multitude of other formats.
◦ RAW Photo Formats: CR2, CRW, NEF, ERF, RAF, 3FR, DCR, RAW, DNG, MRW, NRW, ORF, RW2, PEF, MOS, ARW, SR2, X3F*, KDC*, PPM*, ARI*, SRF*, BAY*, CAP*, IIQ*, EIP*, DCS*, DRF*, K25*, FFF*, PTX*, R3D*, RWL*, RWZ*, SRW* and a multitude of other formats.
◦ Video Formats Supported: MOV, AVI, MPG, MP4, MTS*, MKV*, VOB*, M2TS* and a multitude of other formats.
◦ Date Created: When organizing or renaming files using create date, uses the EXIF/Photo Metadata if available, otherwise last modified date.
◦ Dropbox and gDrive inputs and outputs require the respective Mac clients for those services.
◦ Performance: When duplicate detection is enabled, once your files are analyzed for the first time, each subsequent sift operation will process approximately 1000 photos per minute**
◦ Device Support: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Smartphones, Digital Cameras connected via USB, SD Cards, External Hard Drives, Network file shares, local folders
* Basic Support only, i.e. limited metadata available on these file types (resolution, camera, duration, etc).
** Varies based on processor speed, memory, drive location, etc, and first sift operation may take quite awhile for large photo collections


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Release Notes:

- Ability to use date formatting on metadata date fields, e.g. Tiff.DateFormat, Exif.DateTimeDigitized, GPS.DateStamp, IPTC.DateCreated, and IPTC.DigitalCreateDate
- Added support for migrated iPhoto libraries
- Added support for as an input


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.1.2
Review by Allen VanEveren

Massive Time Savings - Favorite. App. Ever. Before I had this app, I would spend hours and hours pulling files off my digital cameras adding them to my disorganized mess. I don't worry about any of that anymore. I just run this app on my camera, it pulls in the files organizes them all in the same place as all my other files. I have it leave my photos on my iPhone, but delete the photos off my SD Card when I sift them. I have 57,800 photos and videos and counting. I can't imagine going back to manually organizing anymore. My photos come from all these places: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, Photo Booth, Nikon D90 SD cards, My mother in law's Nikon D800 SD cards (during holidays I grab her photos too), Photostream, and my son's old Canon point and shoot. I have them all organized into a single place on a Western digital external hard drive. Then I have that western digital backed up using BackBlaze. Photos SOLVED

Found helpful by 16 out of 17 people
Version 3.1.2
Review by jagar_unix

Messed up my photo library, Warning, do not use this software if you use Picasa - I was looking for a software that would help me organize the folder structure of my “Pictures” folder and thought this would do. However I was very dissapointed and I deleted it after the first run as it messed my complete photo library (unfortunately there is no undo option, so I will have to spend a lot of time to put everything back manually) First of all, be aware there is no option for moving files, this software creates copies of the original pictures on a different folder so I run out of disk space on the first run as I had almost 100GB in images. The software does not have option for moving non-images files stored within in the picture folders like the .picasa files which are part of the original folder. This messed up my picasa completely

Found helpful by 8 out of 10 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.3
Review by Happy Sifter

Amazing game changer - I’ve never felt compelled to write a review before, but Silent Sifter has completely blown me away. I have 15+ years of poorly organized photos and videos, almost 1TB worth of stuff. All of this was spread across multiple databases and folders - from several iPhoto libraries to a few Photos databases to other half-hearted attempts at using other programs - Lightroom, Aperture, etc. This meant that I had muliple copies of photos stewn across many places. What a mess. Secret Sifter has made it a cinch to organize these into a neat, clean, hierarchical structure - with no duplicates. Sure, there is a learning curve - but within one day, my entire photo library is organized and clean. I’m really amazed. Now I can use Secret Sifter going forward to import from my phone and not have to worry about having folders all over my comptuer called “Phone_Import_Jan_2015” - everything will get “sifted” automatically into the right spot. Great job Vector 15.

Found helpful by 9 out of 9 people
Version 3.3
Review by mcgurme

Saved my life (okay, just my sanity) - I have libraries upon libraries of photos… of kids, of the dogs before the kids, of previous generations that have been scanned in… And I’ve built various libraries in iPhoto, Aperture, and other programs over the years. Many of these are similar but have slightly different content. (Yes, my digital life is kind of a mess). I struggled with how to manage it all, and tried various solutions, but just ended up with a big mess of wasted hard drive space. In came Silent Sifter. It was not simple at first to set up to do what I wanted it to. There are some semi-cryptic settings for controlling both the inputs and the outputs, and the documentation is good, for the basics but somewhat sparse for the advanced stuff. However, once you get it set up: chaos turns into order, almost magically! I have it automatically sort my photos into one hierarchy, and videos into another. You can have it sort by date, or leave your existing folder structure intact. If you want it to do a full-blown duplicate scan, prepare for it to take some time - but it’s well worth the wait! (No program can be expected to sort through >600GB and 1000’s of photos in just a few minutes). I saw another reviewer say that the positive reviews must be friends of the developer - I have no idea who the developers are, except that I found this tool in a Google search a few years ago, and it has saved my life. If you’re serious about long-term archival and organization of your photos, this is a must. It will take some time and patience to learn, so if you’re looking for a “quick fix,” perhaps this isn’t the program for you. I marked it down by one star because it hasn’t been updated in over six months, and because figuring out how to make it work takes time. However, I’ve found nothing else that even comes close. I LOVE this app. I hope they keep developing it!

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 3.3
Review by anog

A work in progress - This program is a great idea, but is still a work-in-progress. First there is the folder bug. When I tried to use a folder as an input, all I got was a empty entry box. Had to close the program to get out of it. Had to repeat three more times before the normal finder file open appeared. Seems to work now. Then there is the process of finding repeats. If you sift but cancel before its finished, the files won’t be copied, but they will be noted, so when you sift again, these files are ignored. This is a big bug. In other words, even if sifting takes hours and hours, never cancel or you will lose those pictures. You need much better control over what it thinks is a duplicate and a way to clear it out. Again I love the concept here, but really you need more control over managing duplicates, and you need better control determine the length of a moment. Often one trip will appear as many “moments."

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people
Version 3.3
Review by kvino

Don’t waste your $ - I downloaded it two days ago and I really do not like the program. It is clunky, extremely slow (2+ days) and the recopying takes a ton of space on the hard drive. Yes it does put all of the pictures in one spot but then you have to open each file to see what is in side. They say "organize in minutes"… Yeah right, like 3000 minutes

Found helpful by 3 out of 6 people
Version 3.3
Review by Satisfiedsoul

Unless you have a VERY specific idea save your $$ - This app must be inflated by friends of the developers. The customer support link is…not a link. Forum hasn’t been updated since last December. They give you the general basics, but if you need to customize or have unique search requirements you better be a super user, because this program leaves you hanging big time. If your photos already have metadata just look into automator with apple script. Essentially that’s all this is with REALLY weak support. I’m very disappointed I’ve wasted as much time as I have trying to figure it out even moreso than the wasted money. Trust me… look elsewhere.

Found helpful by 2 out of 5 people