Shot Lister - Film set schedule tool for Directors

Developer: Reel Apps Inc.

Current Version: 1.7

Last Updated: 8 months ago

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Take your shot listing to the next level with Shot Lister for MacOS! Shot Lister is already the only professional shot list & scheduling application. Now on your desktop you can easily create very large shots lists and sync to your mobile device.

Shot Lister revolutionizes the art of shot listing from pre-production to the minute by minute decisions on set. It's designed by experienced filmmakers to deliver the only solution that can build, organize, schedule and share shot lists and shooting schedules digitally.

Shooting a film never goes to plan, now instead of scribbling over your printed out spreadsheet, you can get back on track with a flick of a finger.

Shot Lister comes with TWO options:

SHOT LISTER which is more than capable of handling most indie productions & includes the ability to add hundreds of scenes and thousands of shots, customizable categories & multi-cam support. This is a one time purchase of $39.99 US & all updates are free.

SHOT LISTER PRO is for more complex productions that require specific features. Shot Lister Pro is an optional in-app purchase with an annual subscription of $13.99 US, see below for details.

See full list of features for both below & for helpful how-to videos visit

Shot Lister is designed to look great on MacOS, iOS and Apple Watch!

Easily organize & store hundreds of scenes & thousands of shots. We support scene letter revisions, 1/8 page counts, "i" and "o" exclusion, and cast breakdown tracking. All to fit a variety of professional workflows. 

The only software available to easily create a shooting schedule on a shot by shot & minute by minute basis. Rearrange scenes in Stripboard view, and easily check what is yet to be shot or scheduled.

Experience the truly ground breaking “Live” production mode to see exactly how you are doing to the minute, and re-organize the day in a matter of seconds. Let Shot Lister show you exactly how many minutes ahead or behind you are.

Unique to MacOS, you can now turn your display into a screen that anyone can look at on set to get up to the date information about the plan. How far ahead or behind you are, and when you expect to be on the next scene are all displayed easily. 

Every project and director is different, customize and order every category throughout the app to your own needs. Re-name the user category for any specific use, like tracking props or wardrobe. Customize the lens and gear list to fit your package.

Assign shots to different cameras & group them together to be shot simultaneously. Supports up to 26 cameras.

Export beautifully formatted PDFs or the entire Shot Lister project file (SHL) via Dropbox or email.

An annual subscription of $13.99 US/Yr purchased inside the app, gives you access to the following features. The subscription automatically renews annually, is charged to your Apple ID & can be cancelled up to 24hrs before the renewal date in your Apple ID settings. The subscription works on all Shot Lister Platforms.

Sync your project file with other Shot Lister users. Keep the entire crew up to date live. Also manage crew member privileges as "view only" or "view and edit" to share authorship with collaborators.

Import Final Draft or Fountain scripts into Shot Lister & let it instantly build a project, generating all the scene meta data & cast list to save time. Convert Celtx to Fountain to import.

Add Storyboards to every shot and display full screen in the Storyboard Theatre. View your plan, see which boards are left to be shot in Shooting or Scene order.

In the time it takes to tap a finger, circle the best takes & export the data in SHL or PDF.


Release Notes:

Performance improvements and bug fixes.
- PDF export
- Project save
- Cut and paste
- Storyboard theatre mode


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by Citizen Sprocket

No Equal - Been waiting for this APP to have its MacOS version. I am not disappointed. It’s fast, easy (as always), and highly intuitive. I can not go to anither show without Shot Lister. The price is worth it!

Found helpful by 2 out of 4 people
Version 1.4
Review by setpixel

Basically have to buy pro version - This looked promising. I wish pricing was more clear. The app costs $40 and then you basically have to pay an extra $14 (like import a script) The app shows storyboards in the shot list, but you have to pay extra for that. Sort of false advertising. Know what you are getting into. This pricing scheme basically feels like a scam. Charge $55 or make the app free and charge $55 to go Pro.

Found helpful by 9 out of 9 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.7
Review by Netchap

Not sure if it’s worth it. - Spent considerable time last week entering info for a planned shoot and today nearly everything is gone. The only thing listed is the scenes. All data related, i.e. gear, cams, time, location--everything is just not there! Two stars is generous considering I have the pro edition and this occurred. Bug? Fix soon? Would really like to see a fix after investing hours of work and money.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.7
Review by TaoGarcia

The tools are ther but not the bones - Great idea, conceptually it’s everything i would hope for. What I can’t understand is how you charge $40 for a software that is sooooo buggy. Every time I change data on my shots (like the description) and I try to export to pdf, it wont register the changes. A HUGE PROBLEM. Also the Crew sync is useless. I can't even have projects sync between my Mac and my Iphone. I will power through all this for the next year, as I have already paid for the pro subscription. But make no mistake this app should have had a more rubust beta stage. It’s sad to see so much potential go down the drain because of nonsensical bugs.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.7
Review by Farm3r_T3d

$39.99 for a broken program. - I just got this dispite the poor reviews because I have used shotlister for iphone and ipad with relative success. The mac version is completely unusable. The moment I try to edit anything, the moment I click in the info field, the program crashes. What a waste. I want my money back. To the “Developer”, if you create an app and want money for it, you had better make sure it is usable. Otherwise, you are just scamming people. If this isn’t fixed soon, you will be reported to apple and your app will be stripped from the store. DO NOT BUY THIS APP!

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.7
Review by Vampiresoup

An app made by filmmakers not programers? - There’s a lot of passion put into this app and it shows. You can tell it was was made by someone who knows the pressures and pitfalls of everyday fillmaking. Sadly, it’s also very buggy. Crewsync takes upwards of 5 minutes to sync whenever you upload, sometimes shots just aren’t added when you try to add them and the interface lacks a lot of common sense features you’d expect. Drag and drop, mulitple shot select just isn’t there. That doesn’t mean this app isn’t worth it. I’m still using it. Currently, there’s just a lot of workarounds. For example, you can’t export shootdays to CSV and there’s minimal control over what information you export to PDF. This leads me to editing my shotlists in a PDF editor. There's SO MUCH POTENTIAL, it’s frustrating to see it fall short on what seem to be simple features. Also, if you’re a subscriber to their yearly “pro” subscription, you’re allowed storyboards. Unfortunately Crewsync only allows for a limited amount of storyboards to be synced. If you’re in any kind of professional environment that’s simply not acceptable. For me that might be what causes the sync to take so long. But, really, I only have a dozen or so boards loaded into the app right now. The website presenting their product is very slick, let’s just hope they can bring the program's UI up to the same standard. Still, if you can put up with the bugs, I’d recommend it.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.7
Review by Ththshshj

Will NOT let me rename a project! - So far everything seems to be working perfectly, except when I need to rename my project the app instantly “closes unexpectedly” and its extremely frustrating. Will definitely consider changing my rating when this bug is fixxed. Developers PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people