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Current Version: 3.0.4

Last Updated: 2 months ago

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In times of social networks and smartphones we use URLs all day. But they can be really long - too long! They neither look pleasant on our small screens nor in longer texts on big screens. They take away space - important space.

Short Menu solves this problem. It sends your long URL to a service of your choice, which then returns a short URL you can use instead.

Short Menu sits in your menu bar, waiting for you to shorten an URL. It supports 17 different services and is extremely easy to use. Simply click on Short Menu's menu bar icon to open it. It automatically takes the URL from your clipboard. You only have to press one button, then Short Menu will shorten your URL and automatically copy the short URL for you.

After shortening, Short Menu saves both the short and long URL in your history, which will be synced with iCloud to ensure you got all your short URLs on all your devices (if you're using the iOS version of Short Menu, even on your iPhone and iPad).

If you consider yourself a keyboard ninja, you probably don't touch your mouse too often. Short Menu got you covered! Simply configure a system-wide keyboard shortcut using the Quick Short preferences. When pressing your shortcut, Short Menu will take the URL from your clipboard, shorten it and automatically copy the short URL for you.

Automation enthusiast? You'll love Auto Short. If activated, it watches your clipboard and waits for you to copy an URL. As soon as it detects a long URL, it shortens it and automatically copies the short URL for you.

Short Menu perfectly integrates with, Rebrandly, Google, Hive,, Droplr and CloudApp (for using Rebrandly,, Droplr or CloudApp, an account is obligatory). You can easily manage all your accounts in Short Menu's preferences and, if you added multiple accounts for the same service, activate the account Short Menu shall use.

Got your own URL service? Short Menu can handle it. You can add as many custom services as you like. Short Menu can send both GET and POST requests, add HTTP headers and supports different encodings for POST requests. To avoid the need of entering the same information about your custom services again and again, they will be synced with iCloud.


• Lightning fast URL shortening with 17 services supported by default
• 7 of the default services and all custom services support custom keywords
• Quick Short: Use a shortcut to shorten URLs
• Auto Short: Automatically let Short Menu shorten every URL you copy
• Right-click Short Menu's menu bar icon to shorten the URL from your clipboard
• Add as many, Rebrandly, Google, Hive,, Droplr and CloudApp accounts as you want
• Add an unlimited number of custom services
• Copy and share any URL from your history
• Your history and custom services will be synced with iCloud


Release Notes:

Short Menu will now recognize non-standard URLs.
If you enjoy using Short Menu, please consider leaving us a review, they mean a lot to us! <3


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.1
Review by lovelucycrown

I use it constantly - Incredibly useful app, especially with the quick short feature and the ability to use your accounts for the various services.

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Version 2.0.2
Review by mprx60

Stop Working - Worked great till last Apple update, but since the app has not be updated since 9/2013, I assume that might be why I am getting no response from developer. No longer works

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people

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Version 3.0.4
Review by /r:b:

Easy and works great - Linked, works without any problems. Quick and easy to use.

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