Shift Lens App

Developer: Nenad Milojkovic

Current Version: 1.2

Last Updated: 3 years ago

Download Size: 12 MB - Download


Shift Lens App has been developed to do perspective correction on images like special optic Tilt-Shift lenses for SLR cameras. There are only a few Tilt-Shift Lens manufacturers whose lenses make perspective correction by moving (shifting) optical group up or down against optical axe. The amount of shift is about 10 millimeters and this shifting correct trapezoidal effect. Tripod is recommended for use with these lenses.
Shift Lens App can do all perspective corrections by vertical and by horizontal plane whatever the perspective deformation degree has been. Also can do angle straighten by defining angle on image.
There are also possibility of ratio adjustment where Shift Lens App rescale corrected image to initial Width x Height or Height x Width ratio.

Shift Lens App perform perspective corrections on images taken with special “Fisheye” lenses where expressed barrel and pincushion deformations are present!


Release Notes:

Curve Segments Tool

Improved functionality with new tool for precise curve settings:

- Every Horizontal or Vertical curve can contain from 1 up to 50 Curve Segments
- Every Curve Segment shape is independent compared with other Curve Segments

This tool allows more precise perspective correction of images taken with Fisheye and Ultra-wide lenses.