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Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Share Clipboard is a small utility App to share the text portion of the clipboard between your Mac computers or between your Mac computer and other computer (iOS / Windows / Linux).

Ever wondering if it's possible to copy text from one computer and paste it to another computer? Or even copy text back and forth between your computer and your iOS device? Yes, you get the answer, Share Clipboard makes all these possible!

==How To Use==

To share clipboard between two computers, what you need to do is connect them to the same Wi-Fi network, run Share Clipboard on both computers and connect them with Share Clipboard. Simple and easy!

To share clipboard between your Mac computer and your iOS device, please install Share Clipboard on both of them, and connect them together the same way as above.

==Share Clipboard for Windows / Linux==

Important: Those Share Clip binaries on Dropbox are reported to be unsafe, we strongly recommend that you stop using them.



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Version 1.0
Review by drumman55

Continuing a much needed piece of software! - The original ShareClip (by Ben Lilbourne) was an excellent utility which allowed the text contents of one networked computer to be shared with the clipboard of another (although only one pairing at a time), but it wasn't updated. Share Clipboard continues that ability for newer Mac OS's and iOS's. Right now I can share text between an older Mac 10.6.8, a newer Mac 10.8.5, iOS 9.1 and Windows XP. Awesome, and thank you!

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