Shadow Stream

Developer: Serpico Investment GmbH

Current Version: 1.6.7

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 2.7 MB - Download


The Ultimate All-in-One Real-Time Backup / Version Control / Data Protection & Security App.

Shadow Stream makes sure your files stay safe – and every single version of them too.

We all have in-valuable and precious data we cannot afford to lose – be it the family reunion photos, school project or that career changing assignment you’re working on.

When saving a document – any document, from any app that is – Shadow Stream will immediately detect that new version and create an encrypted backup copy of it to a destination of your choice - be it a different folder, external drive or even your iCloud.

Should you ever need to recover an old, different or deleted version of your work, Shadow Stream features an easy-to-use Shadow Manager that will let you browse through every single version of that important file or folder - and with a view clicks, will let you restore the exact snapshot you need.

Key features of Shadow Stream:

- Quickly choose which files and folders to monitor for changes
- Easy set-up to make automatic shadows (backups) of any changed files or folders
- Auto-Sync encrypted shadow files to iCloud for extra data security.
- Choose frequency of backups - instantaneous, or after a user-selected delay.
- Track changes made to your files with the Activity Monitor.
- Browse and safely recover any file versions with the sophisticated yet easy-to-use Shadow Manager.

This is how Shadow Stream will improve your life:

- No more worrying about backups and a plethora of different versions
- Your data is safe: an encryption password is used to secure precious data from unauthorised access
- Easily jump back and recover an older version of a document/picture/movie or any other file you’re working on.

Get Shadow Stream now and never suffer through that gut-wrenching sinking feeling of accidentally overwriting or losing important files!

Also: Shadow Stream is education-friendly, meaning schools get a great deal for their students for bulk orders.


Release Notes:

Various improvements across the application:
- Better interaction with iCloud
- Improved performance when browsing very large folder structures
- Friendlier Welcome Screen with improved functionality