Apps Similar to SerialSnapper

Grab2Drop app helps you to create and save any screenshots to your Dropbox account with just one click. Then view your saved screenshots in the browser and share their direct URL with everyone else. ***To use Grab2Drop app make sure you have your Dr

TabMeister is a great little desktop utility that helps you quickly get to applications, files, and folders without having to always search for them on your hard drive. The Dock in Mac OS X is a great place to put a few of your basic things that you

iVPN is an application that makes use of the standards based PPTP and L2TP VPN server installed with Mac OS X. This VPN server is usually only available on Mac OS X Server and configured through the Server Admin application. iVPN makes it possible to

A very easy to use batch rename tool. [ How to use it: ] 1. Add images to app and choose the images to rename 2 . click "rename" button 3. do some setting 4. if you want to save the renamed file to other folder, check "save to folder" option and cho

Take screen captures quickly and easily. Screenshot Plus is a handy app that lives in your Mac's status bar (next to the clock and Spotlight search). In one click, you can convert anything on your screen into an image. You can capture the whole sc

TinyMe is a perfect little productivity booster! Whenever you want to shorten a url, its only 2 clicks away! It just sits in your menu bar waiting to be used, so you never need to interupt your work! To use the app, just open it, copy the link you

iconStiX is a custom icon tool: combine images, add text, edit styles and attach your composition to desktop items (such as folder) or save as image. More details: You can - add and reorder multiple objects (image, shape and text). - move, resize,

Icon Creator 2 is a very simple app that help Mac/iOS developers during the icons file creation. With this app you will rescue all the time you were losing to resize icons manually. It creates automatically all the files needed to build a iconset in

Need to protect your privacy? Don’t want your boss to walk in on you using computer for something else? Don’t want your spouse or children to walk in on you when you surf the web? Don’t we all just need some privacy at work or ho

Ever watched a video and wanted your Mac to automatically stop? Ever downloaded something and didn't want your Mac to sleep while the download is running, but go to sleep afterwards? Ever had a lengthy task running (encoding a video, for example) and

Let TextSoap Menu bring style-awareness to your text transformations. Keep Your Styled Text Keep your bolded words, your italics, your headline fonts. No need to give up style text just because you want to change the case of some of your text. Mak

CIDR Calculator was designed out of a desire to streamline CIDR calculations by creating a simple, easy to use tool for performing CIDR network block math and network masks with complete confidence.

 A cornerstone of worldwide IPv4 netw

If you have any questions regarding the usage or bug report of my app please e-mail me at: [email protected] With Encrypted Notes Pro your worries that your notes will be hijacked by a third party will disappear. You can keep your passwo

Utility to easily rename a couple of file in the same directory using filename pattern (filename contains of some substring). For example is you want to rename all files with prefix "Copy " after drag-and-drop images from iPhoto to the Desktop (i.e.

Mask, hide and cover parts of your desktop, so to only see a certain area while the rest is hidden to your eyes. Use Masquerade App to mask parts on your screen for better focus or any other reason - hide away all clutter you don't want to see. - Fr

When you need keep your eye on one window, but that one can't float on your screen, how to deal with it? This app Window Monitor help resolve this problem. You can copy a window with Window Monitor, and make it float/resize it on your screen. Move

Mouse Clicker can automatically click your mouse up to 1000 times per second or with regular intervals. There is no limit on the wait between intervals, meaning you can set the Mouse Clicker to click the mouse 1 time for example: every 10 seconds, 1

Extremely intelligent Video Player ..... that shows off flexibility and functionality. Desktop Movies was designed to be the best way to watch many types of videos and movies. Simplicity and functionality are the key ingredients that make Desktop Mo

EtreNet puts the internet in your Finder. EtreNet allows you to connect to FTP, FTPS, or SSH/SFTP servers and access them from the Finder, Terminal, or your favourite applications like any other network drive. FTP - While the Finder already suppor

Batch resize&convert&compress images. [ How to use: ] 1. add images to app and choose image to resize 2. click "resize&convert" button 3. do some resize&convert settings 4. if you want to save the resized&converted image to other folder, please chec