Developer: Falko Axmann

Current Version: 7.11

Last Updated: 2 days ago

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SerialMailer lets you add personalized details to your mass email messages. Give each message a custom name, order number, or even attachment. Engage your customers and colleagues, or show your friends and family that you care – when it comes to bulk email messages, a touch of personality goes a long way! Take the headache out of mass emailing with SerialMailer.

► Main Features ◀

With the powerful message editor, fields from your recipients list can be inserted into the e-mail so that a new, personalized message is generated for each recipient. The fields are not limited to static data. With conditional fields the content is dynamically adapted.

SerialMailer features a central database manager that gives you access to the addresses stored in the 'Contacts' app. Custom recipient lists can be stored in SerialMailer or imported from other applications that support the csv-format.

The mail personalization is not limited to the e-mail text alone. Even the attachments can be dynamically adapted, depending on the content of the fields in your address list.

When you send your message, SerialMailer can act like any normal e-mail client, but instead of sending just a single mail, it can send thousands at once. It connects to your mail account and creates an individual, personalized message for everyone on your list. Since separate mails are sent, none of the recipients can tell who else received a mail. It's just like each message was composed by hand.


Release Notes:

• improvement: Easier configuration for well known email services.
• bugfix: The "ignore up to x send errors" option would sometimes not work.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 7.6.2
Review by LondonTimes

This really works! - I used to send regular mass "personalized" emails using the email merge function of Word with Entourage. I transitioned to Apple Mail and therefore cannot merge to Mail. This program was mentioned on the Apple forum, so I thought I would try it. The most important criterion that I needed was to be able to personalize the Dear "FirstName" field in the salution of the email, and to pepper some other fields in the email. Sending a formatted text email as opposed to plain text was also important to me. Serial Mailer does all this and more. I couldn't believe how easy it was to import my email settings from Apple Mail. I actually tried to manually enter the settings and failed a couple of times before I checked the instructions (yes, always the last instead of the first thing I do!!) and found out how easy it was. Once you get your handle around the settings, formatting text with fonts, colors, bold, etc are very easy. You can add attachments, and have as many data files of recipients and email accounts as you like. Downers - not many. But if something goes wrong whilst you are sending a batch, the program either stops or hangs. Try and remember to save the "New Email" that you set up each time, otherwise all is lost and you have to start again. When you send a batch and it hangs, remember the last recipient that you sent it to, and when you re-open (usually after a "forced quit") delete the recipients that have already been emailed, and start from the first of the balance. ALWAYS send yourself a test email first - check formatting, fields, etc - before you send your batch. Enjoy!

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 7.8.7
Review by bcoday

Clunky as can be - Of the few bulk mailers that I’ve used, I fid them all to be unusually difficult to use. This one has been the worst by far. I almost gave up completely but I set aside a couple hours today in a last ditch effort to try to make it work at least a little. My two week old tech support request remains unanswered. No response at all. That is exceedingly disappointing! This app apparently will not work with gmail accounts because there seems to be no way to set it up in a way that google accepts. This seems to be a security feature on google’s side but I’ve found no way to work around it. Importing my apple email account was easy BUT I can’t send HTML stylized emails using my apple account. Not a good situation for me. Once I set up an account with a different smtp server, I was able to slowly send about 115 emails to the addresses in the database that I setup. HOWEVER!! If an email address was formatted incorrectly, the app did not flag it ahead of time. Instead, it stops the bulk mail in it’s tracks requiring me to manually edit the address. I could then resume the mailing but I had to manually unselect all addresses that had already successfully received the email or else it would duplicate the send. It was not possible to unselect a large group. This had to be done one at a time. Clunky!! All told, it took about 1.5 hours to send just 115 emails. This is longer than it would have taken using other methods and thus I feel like I wasted my money on this one. I’d ask for a refund but I am likely to never hear from this software company again! Disappointed. Should have paid more for MaxBulk mailer. It’s a little clunky as well and is more expensive but I’ve used it for many years without these issues.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people