SerialMailer Lite

Developer: Falko Axmann

Current Version: 7.9.11

Last Updated: 13 hours ago

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This is the Lite version of SerialMailer, an easy-to-use and professional bulk mailer. It is limited to 10 recipients per mailing, but is otherwise identical to the full version.

SerialMailer lets you add personalized details to your mass email messages. Give each message a custom name, order number, or even attachment. Engage your customers and colleagues, or show your friends and family that you care – when it comes to bulk email messages, a touch of personality goes a long way! Take the headache out of mass emailing with SerialMailer.

► Main Features ◀

With the powerful message editor, fields from your recipients list can be inserted into the e-mail so that a new, personalized message is generated for each recipient. The fields are not limited to static data. With conditional fields the content is dynamically adapted.

SerialMailer features a central database manager that gives you access to the addresses stored in the 'Contacts' app. Custom recipient lists can be stored in SerialMailer or imported from other applications that support the csv-format.

The mail personalization is not limited to the e-mail text alone. Even the attachments can be dynamically adapted, depending on the content of the fields in your address list.

When you send your message, SerialMailer can act like any normal e-mail client, but instead of sending just a single mail, it can send thousands at once. It connects to your mail account and creates an individual, personalized message for everyone on your list. Since separate mails are sent, none of the recipients can tell who else received a mail. It's just like each message was composed by hand.


Release Notes:

- bugfix: Could no longer switch to formatted text if the font set as default font was deinstalled.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 7.5.3
Review by In Situ

I was looking high and low for a good Mac mail merge and found it - SerialMailer seems exactly perfect for what I wanted to do. I tried mail merge in Word, but it requires I use Entourage (Word 2008) or Outlook (Word 2011) as my default mail app, and I wanted to use Apple Mail. I tried the mail merge in FileMaker, but it only supports plain text, you have to awkwardly compose mails as "calculated fields," there is no preview and no watching the progress of sent emails. Basically, FileMaker is awkward to use for mail merge. But with SerialMailer I can compose emails in a normal looking, if simple, editor, I can preview each message before it goes out, I can choose to use formatted emails (works fine), there are "smart fields" which depend on the values of the fields I import from FMP, I can easily save and re-use templates, and I can even track the progress as the mails are sent out. And all my test emails arrived just fine. It's really everything I was looking for in a mail merge. I will be purchasing the paid version.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 7.7.9
Review by Crisses

Experienced in mail merge, but... - I figured everything out, but it wouldn't work with the current Mail application in Yosemite: it doesn't send emails through (fail), doesn't pull in the email accounts (blank), and it doesn't support SMTP with MD5 challenge-response (not in the choices when setting up SMTP manually). So I have all my emails ready to go out, but will have to send them manually anyway unless I either set up my mail server with less secure SMTP, or use another service such as GMail to send my emails, which I don't want to do (I want the emails to be sent using my authentic business account through my own mail server). It was otherwise pretty straightforward to work with if you have any database/mail merge experience you should be OK.

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people