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Current Version: 01.04.00

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Your Information, Encrypted, Synchronized
Encrypted Database App with Automatic Cloud Synchronizing

--Complexity is the enemy of security--
--Your data is only stored on your devices (and your iCloud storage if you are using a cloud database). It is not available through the web which greatly reduces the attack surface--

!! Your data is Not available on Android. Not available through a browser !!

- Password and other information management
- No subscription fees
- Remember only one password, ever
- Automatic Cloud synchronizing to all your devices, live, as they happen
- Simple, clean user interface designed to look and work much like the iPad version
- Keep different types of data separate in unlimited encrypted databases *
- View and use the same list of your Cloud databases in "Security Gateway"
- Quick database switching
- Export Databases into "Database Archives" for backup
- Import "Database Archives" into new Databases (this can be used to move a Local Database to a Cloud Database, or the other way around)

Don't pay extra with in-app purchases for Cloud Synchronizing. Its built in with Security Gateway, Security Gateway Desktop, and Security Gateway Desktop 3D.

Security Gateway Desktop will securely store your information on your Mac
making it easily accessible whenever you need it.
The information is automatically synchronized in its encrypted form to all your devices through the Cloud keeping each device up to date.
You only need to remember one password to gain access to your latest information.

The first time you launch the application it will direct you to create a master password or PIN.
Make sure you remember this password as it cannot be changed or retrieved later.
Each time the application is launched thereafter you will need to enter this master password or PIN.
To lock the data simply close the window or quit the application.

This application takes a simple approach to organizing and presenting your information through a clean user interface that is free of distractions or hard-to-understand icons. The Mac app is designed to look and operate like the iPad app to make it easy for a user to understand. There is no need to learn another User Interface.

“Secure Entries” will contain your data and are stored encrypted in the database.

“Secure Entry” fields can be used however you wish. Not all fields will be needed for every Entry.
Use the Notes field at the bottom to store any other type of text data. Use simple “Categories” to organize your “Secure Entries” any way you wish.
“Categories” can be assigned a color to better visually organize your data. Store an unlimited number of “Secure Entries” and “Categories”

You can search “Secure Entries” and “Categories” easily with a search bar at the top of each list.
Sort your “Secure Entries” alphabetically or by “Category”.

“Secure Entries” that contain online account information can launch the default web browser to a specific URL.

Security Gateway allows you to have more than one database.

Databases may be set up as a “Local” or “Cloud” database. Each has its own master password. “Local” databases are stored only on your device. “Cloud” databases are synchronized with other devices through your Apple ID. Changes on one device automatically change on all your devices for this database.

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Release Notes:

Many user interface updates to match iPad and iPhone versions.
Stability Improvements.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 01.02.08
Review by Holz update

For ALL user info… passwords and MORE! - This app is so easy and secure… I’ve been using it on my iPhone - I just remember one password and then store all other info in this database. Now, with this desktop version, I can play catchup and enter ALL my data quickly on my desktop, for me to retrieve from anywhere. Safe and secure as no one can get into the data except me. The database is also very simple and easy to manage. I set up a few categories that are color-coded and then entered sites & passwords to anything. Even info I need beyond computer passwords, like a code for work I don’t need often and a contact name to go with it. Just remember to set up your database as “iCloud” if you want to use it with multiple devices. Awesome!

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 01.04.00
Review by Iztub

Conversion Capabiities Requested - I have installed this product and the corresponding iOS version on three different devices after “playing” with the free version and asking questions about security from support. Thus far I am very pleased. There are, however, some capabilities I wish were present that are not. I previously stored sensitive information within Contacts, unlabeled. A kind of hiding in plain sight approach. Clearly this is almost infinitely more secure with not too much of a cost in practicality. Getting my information into the application is tedious, however. It would be very much nicer to have a Mac Contacts import function. Secondly, I would like to see the ability to click upon a URL within the application and have it open Safari and plug in the Username and Password. I make these comments, of course, without knowledge of what the cost in dollars, storage or security might be. I would also note, for the developers benefit, that different searches on the App Store seem to bring up different combinations of your products. After living with the app for an extended period I have two more wishes: I wish the app remained open in IOS after switching to another screen and I am unable to find a way to change my password, which seems odd for a security product.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 01.04.00
Review by Holz update

a lifesaver - This app is so easy and secure. Very helpful and at the ready at all times.

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