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Developer: Michael Göbel

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Our Thoughts. Our Words. Our Articles. Secure.

SecureTexts - The Text Editor for Mac, iPad, and iPhone with Password Protection and Secure Encryption.

We have encrypted storage for our passwords.
We encrypt our emails, our chats, and our journals.
But there isn’t a single fast, uncluttered, and usable App out there
for our thoughts, for our words, for our articles.

An App that automatically en- and decrypts our texts.
So that we can even store them in iCloud without having to worry.

MOApp to the rescue!
SecureTexts is exactly what we’ve been looking for.

SecureTexts is clean, fast, simple, and all the other things, text editor for your iPhone, iPad, and for your Mac. It is especially written for iOS 7, Mac OS 10.8, and iCloud.

And with us, the writer, in mind.

But most important of all: It is written to be secure.

By design it does not make use of any resources not provided by me. It makes use of different kinds of encryption, different solutions to harden the passwords, combines them, protects the binary, and does not contain backdoors.

Besides being a safe harbor for our thoughts, our words, and our articles SecureTexts offers all the features we expect from a good iPhone and Mac Text App:

iCloud Support
Markdown Support
Find and Replace
Word Count
PDF Export
Open In
Keyboard Additions
Optimized Fonts
PDF Preview (Mac)
Web Preview (iOS)
Lots More


Release Notes:

Bug fix update


More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.1
Review by RCL4

Good App - When I initially ran it, this app not only crashed, it caused my Macbook Air to reboot. I now believe that the problem was caused by an incompatibility with Default Folder X. Now that I set Default Folder X to exclude this app, it seems to work well and is a good app.

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Version 1.1
Review by webjac

The app I’ve been waiting for - THANK YOU! I’ve been saying that for years. An app that stores secure texts, with markdown support, Epicly good! Make your texts, add a password to each one, done. Easy, good, the way it should be A few problems / recommendations: The app does what it says and works pretty much ok. However there’s one thing that’s been killing me: Scrolling is EXTREMELY laggy. It’s a text editor, I don’t get why it scrolls so slowly and buggy, it’s just scrolling, and it’s vital for the experience. Also a little bit too much warning to get started, I understand is important, but the tips and warnings came up like 3 times before I created my first file. Also, only iCloud support? I haven’t downloaded the iOS versions, but it would be nice to see Dropbox and/or BTSync support added (Or even something like Symperium from Simplenote). This is more of a feature request than a problem. The app does fine like it is. I also wish I could choose my own fonts. But again, font controls as they are are OK. Pricing: I think 16$ for the whole package is a little too much. I would sell only one universal iOS app for both iPad and iPhone, and maybe bring down the OSX version to 5$. So, great app, the thing I’ve been looking for for years, I thank the dev very much. Works as advertised, a little scary with so much warnings, a little pricy for my taste, but worth it anyway. Wish I could sync with more than iCloud, wish I could choose fonts and PLEASE, fix scrolling ASAP, this is a major drawback. I didn’t give 5-stars because of the scrolling issue.

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Version 1.1
Review by someguyALSO

Do not use for production! - I bought this app and its iPhone companion app in hopes of securely sharing notes from my Mac to my iPhone. Imagine my surprise when I opened up a document created on the Mac via iCloud on the iPhone and the document IS BLANK! That’s not the same thing as synchonizing with iCloud. I lost an hour’s worth of work and feel ripped off.

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