ScreenFlow 4

Developer: Telestream, Inc.

Current Version: 4.5.2

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 36.6 MB - Download


Record your screen. Edit your video. Share with the world.

Get your video on the web with Telestream ScreenFlow award-winning screen recording and video editing software. With ScreenFlow you can record the contents of your entire computer screen while also capturing your video camera, microphone and (with optional components) your computer audio. The easy-to-use editing interface lets you creatively edit your video; add additional images, text, or music; and add transitions for a truly professional-looking video. The finished result is an MPEG-4 or QuickTime movie, ready for publishing to your Web site, blog or directly to YouTube, Vimeo. Google Drive, Dropbox or Facebook.

Use ScreenFlow to create high-quality software demos, tutorials, app demos, training, presentations and more!

Highest quality screen recording

Retina display? No problem. Our efficient algorithm enables full-screen, 2880 x 1800-resolution screen capture with brilliant detail, while keeping file sizes low.

Powerful video editing

Easily add images, text, audio, video transitions and more to create professional-looking videos. Nested clips, closed captioning, chroma key, mouse callouts, annotations, video and audio filters, and freehand callouts are just a few of the touches that make ScreenFlow editing easy and powerful.

Intuitive User Interface

Every so often design and function combine to form an elegant piece of software that’s easy and fun to use. ScreenFlow makes editing video easy, so users can focus on creatively telling their story.

Superior Export Quality & Speed

ScreenFlow uses the popular x264 codec for significantly increased quality of H.264 exports. x264 encoding in ScreenFlow also offers significantly faster encoding. ScreenFlow 4.0 runs as a fully 64-bit application, which improves overall performance, memory usage, export speed, and scalability.

Expanded publishing options let you easily publish your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Dropbox or Facebook in just a few clicks.

*please note: there are a few differences in this Mac App Store version and the version we sell on our Telestream store. Click this link and go to ScreenFlow FAQs to read about these differences:


Release Notes:

•Improved performance and quality of audio waveform rendering
•Fixed memory leak when modifying the speed of a clip with an audio waveform
•Fixed bug preventing very large MPEG-4 files from optimizing
•Changed the ProRes lossless preset to output PCM instead of AAC
•Fixed selection of layers in the timeline not being consistent
•Fixed dragging marker could restart timeline playback
•Fixed video filters do not effect media after undoing a removal of the filter
•Fixed unable to sign into Facebook after signing into Dropbox
•Fixed runtime error when deleting a callout placed over a deleted screen recording action
•Fixed keyboard style popover to lock value after hitting enter
•Fixed hang when adding an oval annotation under 10.9
•Fixed crash when performing a 'Make Settings Default' on 10.9
•Fixed a number of issues with Preview on Retina display machines
•Fixed initial extension always defaulting to '.mov', it will now use the selected preset's extension
•Fixed bug preventing Dropbox uploading with spaces in the filename
•Prevented the forcing of the discrete GPU spinning up when recording
•Fixed issue with transition artifacts in 'Push' transition
•Fixed incorrect shifting of range selection in timeline under 10.9
•Fixed not being able to cancel ProRes exports
•Fixed transition inspector window not adjust ingto show user’s currently selected transition
•Fixed export name reverts back to project name instead of using last name used for completed export
•Fixed exception firing when adding a filter if a text field is selected
•Fixed 'Make Settings Default' option for Google Drive & Dropbox
•Made more input text fields lose focus when pressing return
•Fixed Waveforms being redrawn too short after applying effects to clips from sound files
•Fixed issue that could casue corrupt frame at the start of a callout
•Fixed preview becoming larger than screen when working with multiple monitors
•Fixed clicking on white space in a scroller on the preview not working
•Removed cancel button when upload is completed to Dropbox
•Fixed Dropbox using the wrong filename if there is a conflicit in names
•Fixed background color not showing up in the QuickLook render
•Fixed transitions appearing incorrectly after a gap is closed in the timeline
•Fixed audio playback when using JKL keys
•Fixed nested clip not showing a change in waveforms when making an audio edit to the nested clip
•Fixed nesting clips in a Nested clip hiding the top most track
•Fixed Airplay error message from always appearing when recording only the Screen


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 4.0.1
Review by Jonjonjon2

Great product! - I bought this from the website for the full $99 price, and they refunded it so that I could get it for $75 at the App store. I've already made one video, it's easy to use and works great!

Found helpful by 39 out of 49 people
Version 4.0.3
Review by Lutherxj

Highly disappointing - Purchased as an better alternative to Camtasia. Very disappointing. Does not allow you to select and record a portion of the screen, only the entire screen. Controls are very primitive and limited. Apparently you are expected to learn and use keyboard shortcuts instead. Hugely over-priced. Not sure if they have a trial version - sure wish I could have tried first and saved $99.

Found helpful by 31 out of 92 people