Screen Ruler

Developer: Sprightly Software

Current Version: 4.1

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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Screen Ruler is the ultimate toolset for anyone that works with digital graphics, including: web designers, graphic artists, and programmers.

This app features 4 powerful tools, including: box and line measurement tools for making pixel perfect measurements, a color picker for determining the exact color of a pixel, and a grab image tool for making partial or full screenshots.

Key features:
• An intuitive, minimalist interface
• Universal shortcuts allow Screen Ruler tools to be called at any time
• Take accurate measurements anywhere on your screen
• Measure in pixels, mm, cm, inches, points, or picas
• Get colors in RGB (hex or decimal), CMYK, CGColor, glColor4f, NSColor, or UIColor
• Two methods to measure: click and drag, or click-move-click
• Proportional measurements can be obtained by holding the shift key
• The Persistent Ruler option allow you to leave a ruler on-screen as long as desired
• Works with multiple displays and supports Retina display

The Box Measurement tool provides a way to get the exact pixel width and height of an area anywhere on your display. Persistent rulers can be made to stay on your screen for longer periods.

The Line Measurement tool determines the length and angle between any two pixels.

The Color Picker tool provides an easy way to obtain the color code of any pixel. Supported formats include: web-ready RGB hex or decimal, CMYK, as well as many Xcode-compatible developer codes.

The Grab Image tool allows one to take a partial or full screenshots.

Visit our web site for a video walk-through of Screen Ruler.


Release Notes:

New in 4.1:
• Fix a bug that caused excess CPU usage on some systems.

New in 4.0:
• The user interface has been significantly improved with a new emphasis on minimalism.
• Added universal shortcuts that allow measurements to be taken any time, even when another app is active.
• The Info Panel is now hidden when taking measurements.
• Text fields are now click-to-copy, making it simpler that ever to copy measurement values.
• Added CMYK color support to the color picker tool.
• Dragging a captured screenshot image to Finder or Desktop now saves the image as a PNG image, rather than a TIFF image.
• Improved the placement of the zoomed-in cursor view.
• Persistent rulers can now be pinned in place.
• Added an option to change the size of an existing persistent ruler.
• Added sound effects to help give audio feedback on measurement placement. (This can be disabled in Preferences.)
• Fixed a bug that caused vertical line measurements to be misplaced when holding the shift key.
• Fixed a bug that caused the cursor to sometimes become stuck when using the drag method of recording measurements.
• Fixed a bug that could cause the cursor to disappear when the app started.
• Fixed a bug where the length of a line measurement could exceed the screen size when holding the shift key.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.0
Review by The_Eck

This is a fantastic tool - I've often had the need to measure window sizes as well as create images with precise 5.5 x 8.5 or 8.5 x 11 measurements for inclusion in PDFs. This tool has helped immensely. When I bought it I was a bit frustrated with its lack of persistence. I exchanged emails with the dev, who assured me that this was the most-requested new feature, and that it would be implemented within a short time. I'm very happy to note that version 3.0 indeed has made it an option for the rulers to remain on the screen even though I'm working with an image as I size it up. This feature as well as the ability to measure angles makes Screen Ruler a really fine tool. Note to @Johann Dyck: When I began using this app I thought the same as you. However, with a little bit of close observation I realized that the cursor is not the section of the screen that is magnified, but rather the magnification area is that which is under the cross-hairs. The cross-hairs enables us to pinpoint on the screen where we want to magnify. I'll admit that it's a bit unintuitive at first, but once you get used to it, it makes sense.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 4.1
Review by Mr.MaxPower

I’m sorry - I hate leaving 1 star reviews. But this is app is basically unusable on a mbp retina… I contacted the developer months ago and then said it would be fixed in the next update. Very sad.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 4.1
Review by robbchadwick

Great customer service for an excellent application ... - This is a very convenient screen ruler that does so much. It lives in the menu bar so it's easily accessible. I find it the best ruler I've used; and I've used a lot of them. What seals the deal for me is the excellent customer service provided by this developer. I had an issue with the 4.0 update and wrote him in the early AM. I had a reply with a fix within a few hours. That was a very welcome experience. Thank you so much. BTW, the issue that I had has been corrected with an update on the App Store as well.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 4.1
Review by evan2196

Functionality is good; drains battery - This app is all right but it forces the discrete graphics card to run even when you are using the battery on a MacBook pro, draining the battery life. Avoid running it at start up if you have this issue.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people