Schrödinger Lab

Developer: Christian J Burnham

Current Version: 2.33

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 3.3 MB - Download


Schrödinger Lab allows the user to find approximate numerical solutions to both the time independent and time dependent 1D and 2D Schrödinger equations. Eigenfunctions and energy eigenvalues can be found for a wide variety of user defined potentials V(x) and V(x,y).

Using a Crank Nicolson based method, Schrödinger Lab can also solve the time dependent Schrödinger Equation for a range of time dependent potentials V(x) + ΔV(x,t). This code can also perfrom either first or second order time independent perturbation theory calculations.

Eigenfunctions in real and momentum space are displayed in the main windows and depending whether the 'Wavefunction' or 'Thermal Distributions' tab is selected, this code will display either a time dependent wavefunction or show the thermal distributions at a desired temperature.

The user can select from different basis sets and can adjust the number of basis functions to give results to the desired accuracy.

Schrödinger Lab contains extensive documentation of every feature, including mathematical notes on how this code solves Schrödinger's equation and calculates observables.


Release Notes:

Corrected problem with last update which broke compatibility with 10.6. Apologies to those affected.