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Current Version: 1.61

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Scenario is a little app which enables you to set specific moments to launch AppleScripts. You can have these scripts launch at Login or Logout, When your machine is about to sleep or waking from sleep, after a set period of inactivity or when you press a key combination. It runs as an item in your menu bar (which you can opt to hide). Very useful for kiosks, or all sorts of situations.

** IMPORTANT ** Scenario requires some knowledge of AppleScript. You cannot simply use unmodified scripts with some of these triggers. For example, running a script before sleep requires the script to return a special value or your machine may fail to sleep altogether. It is really important that you follow the programming guide found on our web site and from the Help menu.


Release Notes:

Options window no longer appears on restart when icon is hidden
Fewer messages appear in System log.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.61
Review by truekenny

Awesome solution - Best solution for eject second HDD on wake for iMac. With Automator create console application like diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk1 diskutil eject /dev/disk1 For Scenario create script on wake: tell application "Eject" activate end tell Thank you so much!

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Version 1.61
Review by Ton/Ton

Great app, too pricy! - $5 is a bit too much for something so simple, if you ask me. But, it does what it says: I have an SSD and HDD in my Macbook and I use to put my HDD to sleep when the Macbook wakes up, to save battery life. So this is a very useful app, but it would be of better value if it was $3 instead of $5.

Found helpful by 5 out of 17 people
Version 1.61
Review by Eckelberry

Awesome - This App Enabled Dropbox iTunes Sync!! - I recently got into syncing my iTunes in a Dropbox folder across two macs - something that many cautioned against because of iTunes’ tempermental nature with regard to having the “latest version” open. I am pleased to say that with this app and a few lines of AppleScript, I was able to “tell” iTunes to quit EVERY time the computer goes to sleep. This is important because the iTunes App can’t be open on two macs at the same time or there will be a sync conflict. Worth every penny to have this in my arsenal. Great job!

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Version 1.61
Review by rlmcguire1

I LOVE THIS APP!!! - I finally have a solution! My sound doesn’t work when I wake up my Mac unless I run a script “killall coreaudiod”. Now, I don’t have to, because this app does it for me! Yay!! Thank you :)

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