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So, the mail came with a DVD that holds about 1,200 JPEG files that were professionally scanned from your carefully-selected collection of treasured photographs.

You take a look at the DVD and see that all of these random JPGs were created with the same date and are named from 00000001.jpg to 00001200.jpg. You skim through the photos and see that some of the photos are upside-down, sideways, many have shiny reflection artifacts around the edges, many are discolored, and almost all seem a little blurry. And it's a shame that about half the scans include a date imprint in the right lower-hand corner of the photograph, yet all the pictures are tagged with last week's date.

And later on, if you order scans for another batch of 1,200 photos, guess what? They too will be identically numbered from 00000001.jpg to 00001200.jpg. And there will be REAL confusion, and danger of overwriting files, if you try to mix this second batch with the images from the first.

And wouldn't it be nice to have a PDF photo catalog (i.e. Contact Sheet) of what photos were on each DVD?

And of course you didn't want to pay the scanning company $80 to enhance each photo in the batch, and yet another $80 to fix the disoriented photos for you, did you?

And when you finally import your thousands of scanned photos into iPhoto or Photos, it creates a total mess, completely ruining your carefully-organized collection of photos!

So, how are you going to fix this?

ScanFotoFXR to the rescue!

ScanFotoFXR was designed exclusively to help you turn scanned photos into color-enhanced, dated, renamed, trimmed, keyword-enabled, correctly-oriented, sharper digital photos along with a visual catalog of those photos. ScanFotoFXR is an incredible bargain compared to the hours and hours you'll spend trying to find all the software that ScanFotoFXR puts at your fingertips. And it only takes about EIGHT MINUTES to enhance, trim, rename, and sharpen about 1,200 scanned photos. And you can fix any disoriented photos in a minute or two. ScanFotoFXR SAVES you at least $160 per batch of scanned photos that you might have paid the scanning company!

Batch enhancement, renaming, edge trimming, sharpening, rotating, flipping
Quick and easy photo dating
Fast entry of iPhoto/Photos-compatible keywords
Instant individual image rotation and flipping
Create PDF Contact Sheets for photo folders

Notes: ScanFotoFXR works only on JPG (or JPEG) files, and only with the contents of entire folders. It is designed to work best with scanned 4" x 6" photos at 300dpi. And it is MUCH faster to save the photos from DVDs onto your hard drives first, since reading from the hard drives is faster than reading from the DVDs.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR iPHOTO/PHOTOS USERS: Use ScanFotoFXR to enhance, sharpen, trim, modify dates, etc., *BEFORE* you import them into iPhoto/Photos. Once imported into either, any changes you make to source photo files outside of iPhoto will NOT appear in iPhoto/Photos because either only grabs the information when the photos are first imported and does not EVER refresh or update the information again.


Release Notes:

Automatic batch photo enhancement that adjusts the color of a face to give pleasing skin tones, increases the saturation of an image without distorting the skin tones, adjusts image contrast, and adjusts shadow details.

Ability to create PDF Photo Catalogs (or Contact Sheets) of entire folders.

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Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1
Review by Another_OB_DOC

Wonderful Utility - This app works wonderfully as described and makes the initial batch processing of scanned pictures a cinch. Even though the scanned pictures didn't look that bad to me at first, the improvement with the default settings was remarkable and no doubt saved me hours of tweaking. Even though you can do it in iPhoto, this app makes it MUCH easier to add the dates seen on the picture and to add keywords to the pictures. This feature alone makes the program worth the cost. Also, if you plan to fix the dates of the all the pictures or add keywords, you can probably skip step #2 since you can instantly flip or rotate the pictures when entering the dates or keywords. Bottom line - I would have paid double to get this program a couple of years ago when I had most of my old photos scanned, but now I'll use it primarily to add the real dates and keywords to my pictures.

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people