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This collection of over 800 videos is all about playing the saxophone! Learn to play sax from beginners to experts and everything in between. Many techniques are taught and demonstrated and there is so much to learn.

App features:
** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes.
** Move the video around it's group and even change it's group.
** Make videos your favourites and give them your own rating
** Search by title or notes
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Videos include
How to Play Jazz Sax Scales for Beginners on the Saxophone
Breathing Techniques for Alto Sax Beginners
How to Use a Saxophone Mouthpiece for Beginners
Swing Exercises for Advanced Players on the Saxophone
How to Transpose Notes for the Alto Saxophone
How to Play Triplets on the Saxophone for Beginners
How to Embellish Melodies for the Saxophone
How to Play Runs on the Saxophone for Beginners
How to Use Vibrato on the Saxophone for Beginners
Types of Jazz Improv for the Saxophone
Saxophone Techniques Range of the Alto Saxophone
Overtone Series on Saxophone
Importance of Scales-Saxophone and Improv Lesson
Saxophone Playing Your First Notes
Saxophone Creating an Embouchure
10 Easy Lessons Learn To Play Saxophone Preview
Hear and Play Sax 101 Shorcuts To Playing Saxophone With And Without The Octave Key
Embed YouTube Videos Secrets Revealed
Mel Martin On Vibrato
The Girl From Ipanema on Tenor Sax Antonio Carlos Jobim
Heres That Rainy Day on Tenor Sax
Stella by Starlight on Alto and Tenor Sax
Ceora on Tenor Sax written by Lee Morgan
Ivan Renta tenor sax solo
The Budda All-Stars - Boogason Live
Swing Supreme tenor sax jazz improvisation ii-V-I
Selmer Sax Jam
Somewhere over tRainbow - Tenor Sax jazz improvisation
Sax Lesson - Bebop Scales Paul Williamson - tenor sax Learn to play saxophone and sax technique
Sax Lesson - Stratospheric sax gliss Dean Hilson - tenor sax
SAX LESSONS ALTISSIMO 4Growling and Bending
How to Play Tenor Saxophone What is Saxophone Embouchure
Right Note Studio Players Tip with Woodwind Instructor Justin Pierce
Jazz improvisation on Selmer SBA Tenor Saxophone
This Masquerade on Tenor Sax
Saxophone Blues Scales Saxophone Blues Scale in B Flat
Saxophone Blues Scales Saxophone Blues Scale in E
Saxophone Blues Scales Saxophone Blues Scale in E Flat
Dr Timothy McAllister Vibrato Lesson
Saxophone lesson - How to play funk in F
Sax Blues Improvisation
Jerry Bergonzi Sax Lesson n1 con sottotitoli in Italiano
Saxophone Parts Exercises Building Embouchure Muscles for Saxophone
Saxophone Parts Exercises Saxophone Embouchure Muscles
Luther Vandross Here and Now Cover by Bryan Smith - Alto Sax
Luther Vandross - Here And Now SAXTRIBUTION
Phil Collins John Tesh Take a Look at Me Now Against All Odds Live at Red Rocks - 1995
Famous Saxophone Players
Upper and Lower Neighbors in Jazz Improvisation
Sax Lesson Chromatic improvisation Anton Delecca tenor sax Learn to play saxophone and sax technique
The basics of Saxophone Growling
Boney James Grazin in the Grass Live
My One and Only Love on Tenor Sax
Whats New whats new on Tenor Sax
Temprano Yo Te Buscare
All Blues on Soprano Sax
Tears in Heaven boquilhas Ever-ton
How Could An Angel Break My Heart Saxofones Hoyden
Going Home Boquilhas Ever-Ton
Now And Forever Boquilhas Ever-Ton
This Love - Extreme 7 Tenor
Nothing Gonna Change Boquilhas Ever-Ton NEW VERSION
Hey Jude
Without You - Sax Instrumental by Freddy Just
Youre beautiful Soprano saxophone
Saxophone Techniques How to Embellish Jazz Saxophone Melodies
Saxophone Techniques Breathing Techniques for an Alto Saxophone
Saxophone Techniques How to Play Jazz Saxophone Scales
Saxophone Techniques Swing Exercise for Advanced Saxophone Players
How to Play the Sax Using Saxophone Vibrato

and many more