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Sapphire is a lightweight & versatile document-based project, file, & application manager and can be used either as a standalone solution or in conjunction with other project or file management application. Rather than maintain a single application database, Sapphire creates individual XML database files for groups and subgroups of your project's documents, notes, and workflow utilities.

• Tags can be uniquely defined for each Sapphire project file.
• Open any tagged file or application no matter where it's located in the file system (including Dropbox folders) with one click.
• Easily launch scriplets and Automator Action directly from your Project File.
• Sapphire Files are Unicode documents portable across other platforms (including mobile).
• Sapphire Project Files are easily opened & managed by other XML-capable applications.
• Fully compatible with Dropbox and Dropbox Add-Ons.

How it works:

As an added external from the documents attached meta-data tool, Sapphire provides more date and ways to connect files related via its internal set of tools.

How powerful is Sapphire?

Simple enough for the smallest projects and sophisticated enough for the most complex, Sapphire is a must-have utility for anyone mixing diverse file and document types and applications in their daily workflow.

App Note:

So you can have two external documents point to the same one with each having its own label. Then you can create a super document that includes those two with the near limitless nesting of Sapphire hierarchies.

Document A -- Writing Assignments
(contains Document B and Document C)
--> Document B
--> Document C
With these two made before making Document A in Sapphire
Document B - label as term paper
--> Term Paper.pages
Document C - label as masters thesis
--> Masters Paper.pages

Imagination is the clearest limit for you from now on.


Release Notes:

Minor Date Display Fixes, New Icon, Minor Corrections to Help File


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1.3
Review by Adenner

A usefull tool - Sapphire was just what I was looking for to help manage meta data associated with a project that I was working on. It handled the status of each of the files in the project and what stage they were in while Git managed the version control. Git was also able to manage the .sph files also as they are simple xml files. While there are still some rough edges to the program, including an inability to print the project table and status. I understand that the next version will be out soon and will include the ability to import and export as a csv file as well as the ability to print. It is a useful tool for any project.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.1.3
Review by mawniegirl

Wonderful! - While I am not a professional project manager, I was worried this app would be a lot to comprehend. However it is not. I've only started using it, but have been able to learn the software quite quickly. Sapphire has turned out to be the best software I never knew about in regards to managing my project meta data. Since the files are all saved as XML, they are simple to use and manage. I also appreciate the functionality that allows the ability to sync up to Dropbox and use Automator Actions right from the project file. You can also create multiple unique tags that can be defined individually to each project. Since nothing is located on an application server, you an easily open files and attached applications just by clicking. My workflow has been enhanced significantly due to this software.

Found helpful by 1 out of 2 people