Developer: Giovanni Donelli

Current Version: 1.3

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 12 MB - Download


Sapiens is a mouse-gesture activated launcher that predicts the applications you will need.

Sapiens is an application launcher, it helps you access all the applications in your Mac. Sapiens is clever because it learns from you, so unlike any other launcher it predicts the applications you will likely need and offers a visualization of this prediction in an intuitive way.

Sapiens is activated by moving the mouse in a circle (yes, it is a mouse gesture that finally works), therefore touching the keyboard is really the last resort to be used in case you want to search for a specific application.

Sapiens is great for those of us who love the mouse and are tired of launching applications by typing (whether by using Spotlight or any other keyboard-based launcher).

See Sapiens's introductory video at:


Release Notes:

[+] Dock Icon is optional now
[+] 100% Compatibile with Mac OS X Lion (10.7)
[+] Command-Click on an icon reveal in Finder
[+] Forget application functionality improved
[+] Brain memory empty on restart bug fixed


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2
Review by iphoneroonie

What the Mac was meant to be - Firstly I want to echo the first three users. I've been waiting for years for this to be updated, even using it in crippled mode (with the incompatabilities) and writing the author every year or so to beg. I only wish this update had occurred in time for the holiday season since I would have given a few out as gifts! Using the Mac without this elegant software would feel like the difference 5 years ago between using a Mac vs a clunky PC!

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.3
Review by Higzer0

still not choosing the right applications, even after training - After "training" sapiens for some time, its still not selecting the right apps by default in nearly any cases for me. The premise of this app is nice, but the inability to force certain apps to display by default(getting around the lack of precision of the algorithm, even after training) make this a regrettable purchase for me. This issue is most pronounced when I click & drag a document, then do the circle gesture; from there i NEVER even see an icon for the app I'd like to open that doc with(say a PDF for example, I NEVER see preview, and end up typing in "preview" to see the app icon). It seems some users have found this tool very useful, I however have "trained" this app, and have had little to no success in making this useful at all. If users could select certain apps that would always appear, I wouldn't want a refund as much as I do for such a wasted purchase. I know that the "point" of sapiens is letting it do the choosing, however it DOESNT choose the best apps in many cases for me. Please let us designate what apps permanently appear in Sapiens(better yet which apps appear in sapiens depending on the app the user is in when triggering sapiens). If you want to be generous, and make this a more useful tool imo, let us assign keyboard shortcuts(or trigger applescripts) that we can trigger from clicking icons in the radial menu. In addition, the lack of the ability to prevent the mouse gesture from triggering Sapiens in specific applcations has led me to stop using it completely. In design applications, especially drawing applications, that you might draw a circle in, its not fun at all to have sapiens popping up in mid-brush stroke. Wish I could get a refund.

Found helpful by 5 out of 8 people
Version 1.3
Review by Rezmason

It's back! - The productivity boost this little launcher provides is immense, and its GUI is intuitive. It was that way years ago, when it was first made available, and it is that way once again. While I don't know why it took so long for the developer to make a Snow Leopard keyboard compatible version, I'm glad to finally switch back to this launcher. It's fantastic.

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people
Version 1.3
Review by morphorod

The Perfect App is back to being Perfect. - With the most recent update, Sapiens is now perfect. With the addition of not having to clutter your taskbar with the Sapiens icon and the few remaining bugs taken care of, Sapiens is probably the most functional and useful app launcher for everyone…especially for those who like to use their trackpads more then key commands. Definitely worth the money. Thanks for the update, couldn't be happier.

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people
Version 1.3
Review by jomurgel

Good, Not Great. Kind of buggy - I dumped to find a new productivity tool to replace my Apple Search. I tried out Sapiens. Unfortunately it fell a little short for me. I missed Quicksilver's screen always opening up to the center, instead of Sapien's wherever the mouse is. I like the overall styling of Sapiens, but it made things a little more difficult that Quicksilver did. All in all I gave this app 3 weeks and decided that it's on it's way. I can see this app getting better, but for now it's only good, not great. I would recommend for a more Quicksilver/Apple Search esque way of doing things. I would, though, heavily recommend this to someone that's into mouse and trackpad gestures.

Found helpful by 2 out of 4 people
Version 1.3
Review by polymeme

Not for me & Mavericks - The reviews for this app are all unusually intelligent, accurate and fair. Sapiens is great when it works, as it did for me at least through Lion. With Mavericks, one simply cannot invoke the app with mouse gestures, unless you’ve already very recenty started it by clicking or with hot keys. Even having done that Sapiens rather quickly “forgets” to start up with the mouse gesture. I’ve tried various activation and layout settings, and so far, nothing works. I’ve sent the developer at least 3 emails since December 15 ’13, with no response at all, not even an acknowledgement of receipt. Before Mavericks, I would have 5 starred Sapiens, and I will do so if the developer continues to support his creation. I have to say that these days, especially since the coming of the App store, one should buy apps only with $ one can afford to lose.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people