Developer: Zetetic LLC

Current Version: 3.5.1

Last Updated: 7 days ago

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Codebok is a simple and secure data vault that makes it easy for you to store and look up passwords, financials, and personal information while keeping data safe from unauthorized access by would-be crackers, malicious thieves, and snoopy colleagues. Having protected sensitive data for over 12 years on mobile devices, this desktop-optimized version of Codebook provides convenience and security and works perfectly with the highly-rated Codebook mobile apps.


* 256-bit AES encryption protects all of your data
* 64,000 rounds of PBKDF2 SHA-1 key derivation and HMAC page-protection
* Native interface updated macOS Sierra
* Personalize categories to match your organizational style
* Customize your entries including usernames, passwords, websites, notes and create your own fields
* Note records can be created in any category to store free-form text
* Store any information you want - no restrictive templates required!
* Mark records as Favorites to sort them to the top of search results
* Full text search of record names and data
* Secret Agent allows you to insert your data in other apps
* Generate random passwords with added entropy from the device accelerometer
* Quickly copy & paste passwords and other data between applications
* Auto-lock timer allows you to keep Codebook temporarily unlocked while you work
* Launch websites, telephone calls, and emails from Codebook
* Configurable field masking to hide sensitive data from view
* Supports both portrait and landscape device orientation
* 90 professionally designed color icons for personalizing records (more on the way)
* Uses hardware-accelerated cryptography for speed and to lower battery consumption
* Synchronization and backup over WiFi with Codebook for iOS and Android
* Synchronization over Drive or Dropbox (free Drive or Dropbox account required)
* Store URL connection strings (e.g. SSH, AFP, SFTP) to launch other applications directly
* Generate two-step verification (TOTP) codes
* Synchronize your Codebook data across multiple devices like iPhone and iPad
* Maintain multiple database backups over time
* Restore your Codebook data on iOS without iTunes

Codebook FOR iOS:

Codebook is designed to work seamlessly with Codebook for iOS. Sync with your mobile device over a WiFi network to keep your secure data with you at all times, even if you don't have your computer. Codebook for iOS is available as a separate purchase - visit for more details and a product tour!

Powerful Open Source Encryption:

Codebook uses open source, peer-reviewed full-database encryption technology. Called SQLCipher, the data store for Codebook uses established security practices like CBC mode encryption, PBKDF2 key derivation, randomized initialization vectors, and unique per-database salts. Details and source code are available at:


Release Notes:

* Adds new Magnify option to fields for large type display (shortcut command+Y)
* TOTP fields are now displayed in red when 3 seconds remain for validity
* Adds tooltips to the Main Window's bottom frame buttons
* Fixes crash that could occur when a category or entry is no longer present after sync
* Ensures all presented sheets are dismissed when Main Window locks
* Fixes the title of the Sync menu > Unlink item after linking with Dropbox
* No longer automatically recreates default Password label if deleted
* Fixes display of the Add Field control on the Entry edit view after editing labels in Customize Labels
* The Add Field control no longer truncates longer label names
* Adjusts layout of Entry view fields table to fix clipping, improper alignment, and misalignment of TOTP fields
* Updates the color on the Folder and Network Folder icons


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1.1
Review by costmo

Hands down, the best of its kind - If you care about the security of your information, this THE password manager to get. Period. I was a die-hard user of STRIP for Palm, but had been more or less forced to settle for other options in the transition to Windows mobile, and then iOS. I had not switched back to STRIP until very recently due to the lack of a Mac Desktop application. I probably wouldn't have switched back if it weren't for the fact that the competition -- although prettier to look at -- is riddled with bugs and various annoyances. Besides that, the other companies seem to be very arrogant and give off an attitude that tells me that they view their customers as a nuisance. SplashID and 1Password are the solutions that I gave a serious run at being my password manager of choice -- having purchased and used each on my desktop and iOS devices for many months. If there is any negative in switching to STRIP, it's that it isn't quite as pretty as the others. Putting that aside, Zetetic writes killer software. What they write, it is obvious that they write well, and their passion for the finer details of what it takes to have the ultimate in function is apparent in their writing about the details of the technology that their programs use in their company literature and blogs. Case in point: The "Shake-N-Make" password generator in iOS uses your device accelerometer to add environmental variables for entropy to the random number generator when passwords are generated. In short, if you want anything that approaches real randomness from a computing device, this is it. If your primary concern is eye candy, this may not be the one for you. If you want great software written by a company that has an expressed passion for having the most secure and functional password manager, look no further -- STRIP is for you.

Found helpful by 13 out of 14 people
Version 1.2.6
Review by Thorazine Shuffle

Cant sync with iPhone - Be careful with this app. I was not able to login or sync with my phone once I bought it. Have been back and forth with tec support for 2 weeks but they are unable to solve the problem also. Save your 10.00

Found helpful by 2 out of 5 people